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Aphids in a can.
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Shake the can and spray your flowers with a fine mist of green resin droplets to give the impression they are overwhelmed with aphids. Can be used on artificial as well as natural varieties.

Applications: film industry, flower arranging competitions, add verite to artificial floral decorations (can be used with Ladybird (bug) pins).

Ludwig, Feb 19 2003

Ladybirds by the, um, gallon http://www.biconet....ontrol/ladybug.html
For some reason, I cannot find a similar source for aphids. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Good name.
angel, Feb 19 2003

       <useless factoid>did you know that aphids can be pregnant when they are born? So you could have aphids in aphids in a can</uf>
sild, Feb 19 2003

Ludwig, Feb 19 2003

       <news report>"...so the mysterious mass starvation of Ladybugs continues, and biologists don't know what to do about it. Back to you, Roger."</nr>
beauxeault, Feb 19 2003

       Ideal for plastic flowers.
oneoffdave, Feb 19 2003

       I don't understand the purpose of this. Flowers covered with aphids = good?
waugsqueke, Feb 19 2003

       Maybe artificial flowers covered with artificial aphids = realistic?
angel, Feb 19 2003

snarfyguy, Feb 19 2003

       It could be the next step for realism-obsessed manufacturers of plastic arrangements. Very handy at the flower show too, as a competitor of course ;-)
Ludwig, Feb 19 2003

       <Spots marketing opportunity, begins working furiously on anti-spray-phidz spray>.
egbert, Feb 20 2003

       Methinks the name came first, and the justification not at all. Not that a justification is necessary, I suppose. + anyway
RMNixon, Feb 20 2003

       Howsabout Sprayladies? Ladybugs are well-known as gardener's friends. A spattering of thick, red paint drops, with a black embedded resin that rises to the top of the drops as black dots. Instant ladybugs!
Cedar Park, Feb 21 2003

       Sprayladies makes a fine idea, much better than Spraybugs or birds ;-)   

       The idea came from sitting in a Thai restaurant admiring the clear drops of resin that made their rose buds look dew-freckled. But I admit the name is a logical step for the spray bandwagon...
Ludwig, Feb 21 2003

       It came before the curry.
Ludwig, Feb 21 2003

       //It came before the curry//
Way to go, DrCurry!
thumbwax, Feb 21 2003

       Sprayladies? Wouldn't you prefer Spraydybugs? (Or as we call them here in Lil' Ol' England: Spraydybirds...)   

       And before you all ask, no, I have NO IDEA why we call them Ladybirds.
kmlabs, Dec 03 2003

       Ladybirds are so called because, in medieval times, they were seen by farmers as being sent by the Virgin Mary to rescue their crops from pests. Birds of Our Lady inevitably got shortened to ladybirds. I didn't know that either but I just looked it up.
DrBob, Dec 03 2003

       Thanx Doc
kmlabs, Jan 19 2004

DrBob, Jan 20 2004


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