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Instant Nose Bleed

on demand nose bleeds that include hidden trigger
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The applications for this item are endless, as the result is a dramatic and undeniable reason to leave a room. When having a difficult conversation with a dating partner, when asked a business question that you are unprepared to answer, when trying to impress children, when attending a boring dinner with family or friends, this item is the perfect solution. I would have invented this item a long time ago, but I realize how quickly it will catch on and sell, making it useless; people will realize that 99% of nose bleeds are shams and real nose bleeds will be treated like boy-who-cried-wolf stories.
ofersh, Jul 31 2000


       You forgot "mating call for anime fans" in the list of uses...
bookworm, Jul 31 2000

       I already have this product. It is called Coumadin (Warfarin) and my doctor makes me take it.   

       Standing and talking to a friend. He has a white carpet. In between one word and the next my nose is gushing onto his pristine rug.   

       Not embarassing, not at all. Now where's that transparent nosepicker?...
boris, Sep 15 2000

       Serves him right...What kind of weirdo has a white carpet?
StarChaser, Sep 15 2000

       This reminds me of a great way to get out of a speeding ticket: Every time my friend's been pulled over (he did this twice when I was there), he jabbed his nose so it bled and the cop let us go with a quick warning.
AfroAssault, Sep 15 2000

       Gospel: I got nosebleeds 5 weeks in a row during televised Hockey season[before hockey was hip] @ '76 on Sunday mornings. It was great. I didn't have to go to Sunday school/church for 5 weeks! Cause unknown. Could it be...Satan?
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000


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