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Steam iron while you surf on a raised, two-foot, mouse pad.
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Combine pleasure with utility. While chatting or surfing at home, get some of pesky ironing done with a mouse the size of a travel iron.

Its non-stick surface and two-inch ball helps you smooth out wrinkles as you move the cursor. Only a little practice is needed before you’ll be simultaneously clicking icons and spraying steam with a push of the mouse button. The 24”x8”, raised, mouse pad has a 100% cotton cover with thick felt pad to give you perfect menu drag and drop while pressing slacks at the desk.

FarmerJohn, Sep 20 2002


       mouse pad with a rolling surface to move the items along as you go? croissant.
po, Sep 20 2002

       Sure! I'm testing it right now, see? Since you do two things at the same time, the clothes practically press them elves. It's no longer pressed labor and no need to worry about your attorney car pal with the tunnel vision; s/he'll see the light.
FarmerJohn, Sep 20 2002

       I tried this, but every time I ironed the collars, I ended up deleting all my files.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2002

       this could be the title of some internet-surfing competition. (Live, from Hawaii, the 12th annual Iron-Mouse competition!)
rbl, Sep 20 2002

       This is great! Will there be a left handed version so I can quit twisting my clothes to iron both sides?
reensure, Sep 20 2002

       i thought of this today, how an iron (Fe) mouse must feel- so cool and heavy. it must be a pleasure at very high dot pitch! well i wanted to see one, so i searched google for a pic- and what do you know, i found something even better here at my old stomping ground. i love this place.
gnormal, Dec 13 2007

       how do you possibly monitor this idea?
4whom, Dec 14 2007


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