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Parental-control mouse/keyboard combo

Enforces parental controls
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This idea uses existing technologies, combined with a new innovation or two into one very nifty gadget.

1) A finger-print scanner in the mouse and keyboard.

2) Parental controls.

3) Electro-shock technology

You can set a different level of control for each person in the house (children, spouse, roommate, etc.). The fingerprint scanner automatically adjusts the controls each time a person touches the mouse or keyboard.

If somebody tries to access a restricted site by clicking on something, like a banner add, an e-mail from an unknown sender, or a nude picture, the mouse administers a mild electric shock. If the person tries to get around the blocks by typing a code (I don't know anything about hacking, forgive me if I sound naive) the keyboard administers a much stronger electric shock.

(edit: could also be programmed to automatically shut off the computer if anybody attempts to get around the controls)

21 Quest, Dec 26 2006

The law defines deliberate electric shock as child abuse. http://www.dhs.stat...manual_1/i-ab10.pdf
[Ronx, Dec 26 2006]


       I choose not to shock my child thank you. (-) This idea would get my bun if it simply cut the power to the moniter which could only be turned on via parental code.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 26 2006

       That could be done, as well, Chef. The electro-shock is optional, of course, as is any form of parental control. I'll edit the post to add the power cut-off option. This idea was inspired by one of my co-workers complaining about her husband visiting porn sites.

       The strength of the shock is adjustable, so you can select a lower setting for younger children, or use the shock-control only for certain individuals.
21 Quest, Dec 26 2006

       Deliberately shocking a child with any amount of electricity will get you in jail just about anywhere in the western world.
Ronx, Dec 26 2006

       Tell that to my step-father! He used to shock me with a grill igniter just for the hell of it! It was all in good fun, and I shocked him back many times, and he never got arrested. This isn't something you just spring on your kids, you'd warn them first. A mild shock isn't in any way hazardous to a normal, healthy kid. They make joke laser pointers and lighters which you hand to somebody, and when they press the button they get a shock. They sell these in gas stations to anybody of any age.
21 Quest, Dec 26 2006

       Yeah the whole shocking your kid thing is weird but I do like the fingerprint scanner in the mouse thing.
PollyNo9, Dec 27 2006

       So, this is an electroshock-based workaround for [21_Quest]'s friend's husband's inadequate understanding of his relationship?

       Minister: Do you, X, take Pavlov's Dog to be your lawfully wedded husband?
X: Yes, it's OK, I've got a plan...
pertinax, Dec 27 2006

       It's not abuse if the kid knowingly does it to him/herself. You tell the kid/spouse "these are the kinds of content that are restricted. You will get shocked if you try to visit any sites with this kind of content."

       If somebody then gets shocked, it's just like sticking a screwdriver in a power socket when the parent's not looking. Hardly considered abuse on the part of the parent.
21 Quest, Dec 27 2006

       This is bad for the same reasons as any parental controls system (teaching your kids you don't trust them and to not trust you) but worse.
notexactly, Apr 01 2017


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