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Swiss Army Mouse

Save (a little) space
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I've often wondered how much of the mouse is actually used. Given the size of technology these days, I would suspect that the largest part of the mouse (besides the body) is the rolling ball. I'm sure the body could be cut out to have lots of other cool stuff in it.

Here's what other bakers want:

Mini Post-It Notes - ghillie
Liquid Paper - krelnik
Tape Dispenser - DrCurry
Paper Clips - DrCurry
Pens - jonthegeologist
Stapler - DrCurry

Sounds good to me. Hopefully it won't be in that ugly red color with a weird looking cross stamped on top.
ghillie, Sep 17 2003

Another kind of Swiss Army Mouse http://www.dlugosz.com/GreenPhlegm/
[ghillie, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       only if it's the original Liquid Paper (or Tipp-Ex in the UK) that had decent solvents in and smelt good. None of this environmentally friendly water-based rubbish.
hazel, Sep 17 2003

       what? No custard?
ato_de, Sep 17 2003

       Compartment for mints (or gum).
Detly, Sep 17 2003

       Mouse mousse? EEEEWWWWW!
Cedar Park, Sep 18 2003

       and some water-less hand sanitizer lotion.. you don't know where that mouse has been..
anonymous_coward, Sep 18 2003

       maybe a swiss army moose.
kaz, Sep 18 2003

       - Altoid Wafer Strips (if you haven't tried these, you MUST, but not in a hurricane, please)   

       - Cell phone (take it with you)   

       - Condom Compartment   

       - Extra Key Holder   

       - Sharper Image Idea: Ionic Air filter cum Nose Hair clipper
mahatma, Sep 18 2003

po, Sep 25 2003

       Credit Card Scanner
Dagwood, Sep 25 2003

       Lol, this makes me think of the mouse I designed in my younger years that in addition to containing a digital camera, could also extend a variety of wheels and propellers allowing it to turn into a miniature land/sea/air RC vehicle.   

       I can only imagine the "fun" one could have with something like that in an office...   

       As for the ideas of adding a cell phone, it might be better to just go the other way and have a cell phone with mouse functionality (Camera doubles as optical sensor).
Psudomorph, May 25 2007


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