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chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep.

incubating mouse
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incubate your own eggs inside this especially designed computer mouse; abandoned wild birds, chicks, snakes, turtles whatever takes your fancy really (not your *own* eggs, silly).

birds eggs are often abandoned in the nest for various reasons e.g. the sudden demise of the mother bird or even tipped out of the nest altogether.

trying to hatch these eggs is virtually impossible without an incubator although some danish woman once reportedly did it in her cleavage.

if you have large hands and a larger type incubating mouse, it might be possible to hatch larger birds but I fear ostrichs are quite possibly out of the question.

its quite probable that a chick inside an egg is quite comforted by the noises of its mother as she broods on her nest and fusses with the nesting materials. our lucky incubating chick will become accustomed to the click, click, click of the mouse as we work and the hum of the fan in our pc etc. although some of our number might like to turn down their music to a gentle modulated level ( status quo banging out “down, down, deeper and down” – well, you get the picture).

an adult bird’s temperature is about 35°C which is just a tad lower than the average human but there will obviously be some heat loss as it is conducted through the mouse shell.

some birds eggs do well to be turned often during the day and so in the early stages, the egg could replace the ball of the mouse (please be gentle). it is recommended that turtle eggs are not for turning and so these should be placed immediately in the centre of the mouse rather than in the ball repository. (doesn’t *repository* sound oddly egg-related to the lay man? )

computer mouses closely resemble the traditional still-air incubators in that they are small and without fans for air circulation. an air exchange is attained by the rise and escape of warm, stale air and the entry of cooler fresh air near the base of the incubator/mouse.

remove all chicks as soon as fluffy and within 24 hours is the usual advice but here, I would suggest at the first cheep. enjoy!

po, Sep 24 2005

songbird slaughter http://www.birdlife...2005/09/cyprus.html
[po, Sep 26 2005]

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep http://www.stlyrics...eepcheep310936.html
A moldy oldie from po's past. [DrCurry, Sep 26 2005, last modified Sep 30 2005]


       <midnight... a chick tentatively emerges from [po]'s mouse... the 'bakery is still on screen, forgotten... chick looks up... "Mummy!">
wagster, Sep 24 2005

       The punishment that I put my mouse through would make me think twice about this, but I still think it a good idea.
hidden truths, Sep 24 2005

       //birds eggs are often abandoned in the nest for various reasons// Cat's eating Mom and Dad is pretty common too!   

       Sweet idea, but what about when you go beddy-byes? Wouldn't it cool and suffer? [Witholding +/-]   

       ...Back to the Danish, bird. Wouldn't it be more sensible to have a 3rd bra-cup fitted? Then you could incubate all day, even whilst driving to/from work? ...and, if it had a cricket box around it, it could be protected at night too (assuming bed-bra wearing / the need of the 1 being greater than the other one...)
Dub, Sep 24 2005

       //beddy-byes? // my mouse rarely gets cold but I intend to focus the anglepoise lamp on it while I grab some shuteye.   

       Ian, you are far too subtle for this place.
po, Sep 24 2005


       [wagster] Sorry, I didn't spot it the first time. <Cute duck voice="Mel Blanc">Are you my mommy? Are you going to eat me, now?</cdv> He he he
Dub, Sep 24 2005

       do you know something, I missed that [bs]
po, Sep 24 2005

       I dont have a mouse. But i want a chick that chirps..... :-(
chocolateraindrops, Sep 24 2005

       As long as you're not banging on about pigeons again   

       What is Bigsleep on about?
The Kat, Sep 25 2005

       I also favor the Danish solution, and wonder if there might not be some way to let those appendages participate in computer control as well?
bungston, Sep 26 2005

       Techie joke, [Kat]. Try googling RAID.
wagster, Sep 26 2005

       oops! sorry DC. I abbreviated you whan I meant to annotate you.   

       DC said I was showing my age and I was about to enquire if the chirpy chirpy cheep cheep thing had some association that I was unaware of.   

po, Sep 26 2005

       You sure done abbreviate me! What's the missus gonna say?
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

       don't know. you tell me - you know her better than me.
po, Sep 27 2005


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