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Deflater Mouse

Inflater Mouse
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I logged on to the halfbakery from a lap top computer on the weekend, (I find it's just not possible to be bored and next to a computer without perusing at least a couple of ideas), and I found that I missed using a mouse more than I thought I would.
Now I know you can get a plug in mouse to use with a lap top, but why not an inflatable/deflatable mouse that lives in a tiny compartment inside?

See this way you wouldn’t miss your mou...I mean your mouse wouldn’t miss you.

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[half, Aug 03 2005]

Picture of an HP OmniBook 600 http://member.hitel...600c/ob_running.jpg
Note the mouse sticking out to the right [krelnik, Aug 03 2005]


       A Strauss fan offers a bun for the title alone!
coprocephalous, Aug 02 2005

       Die Fledermaus....Man, that went right over my head until you pointed it out. I think it's icing on the cake.   

       I suppose it goes without saying that the tiny storage compartment would be generally known as the *mouse hole*. Or, perhaps, *Bat Cave*, in keeping with the Fledermaus theme.
jurist, Aug 02 2005

       Do you inflate it using Die Nieber Lungs?
moPuddin, Aug 03 2005

       Triple Yes Vote. +++
sartep, Aug 03 2005

calum, Aug 03 2005

       Very gonflable and [+]
skinflaps, Aug 03 2005

       The HP OmniBook had a mouse that "folded out" from the side of the computer. It was on a swing arm such that there were no actual electronics (other than the buttons) in the "mouse" itself -- the movement sensor was on the other end of the arm inside the computer. It was a neat idea, but unfortunately not inflatable.
krelnik, Aug 03 2005

       Excellent :)
phundug, Aug 03 2005

       Had this idea this morning – bakery done me. [+]
theleopard, Nov 13 2009

RayfordSteele, Nov 13 2009

       A Bat interface? Gonflamouse?
Dub, Nov 14 2009


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