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Mouse Key

Use mouse to store settings and unlock computer.
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I would like to see a optical mouse with the ability to store user preferences. Such as email addresses, url bookmarks, user privileges, desktop themes, and passwords. I have dozens of passwords that I have to remember, and I don't like to have my computer at work remember my passwords.

I could then just take my mouse to my computer (it would login me in) and start using it where I left off. My daughter (3 years old) could use "her" over-sized kid trackball to give her access to her educational games and not have permissions to view websites or delete my files.

bwente, Jul 09 2002

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Gratutious graphic http://www.wedothat...ics/biomousekey.gif
18K gif image [bwente, Jul 11 2002]


       Not quite clear on what you mean - you want the mouse to be a physical key that you carry around with you, or you want it to do the user authentication (by fingerprint or DNA sampling or whatever)...?
DrCurry, Jul 09 2002

       I think it would have to do both. If your mouse is able to authenticate itself with all the systems that you use then to make it secure you would have to authenticate yourself with the mouse.   

       "I'm sorry my email was late. My mouse wouldn't let me log on."   

st3f, Jul 09 2002

       So, I'm assuming there would be safeguards built in so that a dirtbag couldn't steal a mouse and authenticate him/herself to it, and then authenicate the mouse to the system? Which is exactly the weak point of carrying the bio-mouse. It would be safer to keep the mouse on-site, I think.
polartomato, Jul 10 2002

       biometeric mouse... cool. didn't think of that. I assumed if some one stole your mouse it was like stealing your identity. So your right it should do authenicate both.   

       Mutliple mice for different users would allow people to personalize the mice. Racing stripes or flashing LED's, like a nokia phone. Mouse manufactures could sell more mice per household. Small toddlers get oversized one button soft-sided mice, power users get 5 button optical mice, etc..   

       I would also add a compact flash card slot to back up prefs and store files. Maybe a photo album or some mp3's. I know sony has a memory stick reader in a mouse.
bwente, Jul 10 2002

       The authentication idea is cool, the mouse is about the only thing people regularly put their finger tips on, so it could have a little infrared scanner built in, woring by total internal reflection and sending your fingertip to be matched by the computer.
pfperry, Jul 10 2002

       Just to be clear, biometric mice authenticate the user based on fingerprint. Multiple users can use the same mouse, they're simply logged in to the computer based on their fingerprint rather than a password.
phoenix, Jul 10 2002

       Have a look at the link, "Gratutious graphic", it should fit in your pocket.   

       Maybe it should be a phone/pda/mp3 player too.
bwente, Jul 11 2002

       Today the mouse could have a port for a key chain/ thumb drive. So you could take all your passwords with you without taking the mouse ( and disabling the computer to any other user say on another shift. )   

       It has been fifteen years, I wonder what is out there in mice and kid track balls.   

       (His daughter is hopefully 18 and graduated to mice, but other people still have 3 year olds. )
popbottle, Apr 16 2017


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