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Not as bad as you think

Menu items that sound or look a lot worse than they taste
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Have you ever had somebody make you some dish, or ordered something, that you thought would be bad but wasn't?

How about a restaurant where everything on the menu seems like it would be really wierd but is actually good. Roast beef and peanut butter sandwiches (tastes just like beef satay). Gravy quiche.

Or foods that look awful but don't taste that way. Tomato couscous with peas. Rasberry mashed potatoes. Milk and red wine (looks ghastly but is pretty smooth).

I bet people here will have a lot of other good menu items.

wayne606, Mar 04 2003


       Most of the traditional mexican dishes are made with strange ingredients, confusing recipes, that don't sound tasty at all ( e.g. green peppers filled with red meat, chesnuts, sour cream and tuna, covered with onion & garlic sauce) but they are actually pretty good.
Pericles, Mar 04 2003

       Haggis. Black pudding. Okonomiyaki.
my face your, Mar 04 2003

       Theres a Tapas bar near me that serves rice with a tomato sauce, topped with panfried bananas and a fried egg.   

       weird. but good.
Seaneeboy, Mar 04 2003

       Caviar on white chocolate. They apparently go together like pork and apple.
Jinbish, Mar 04 2003

       I've been to a restaurant called "Hal's Grub Steak, Home of the Charburger". But it's as bad as you think.
Amos Kito, Mar 04 2003


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