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Japanese Puzzle Lunch Box

Hands off my lunch!
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This has *got* to be baked. Couldn't find on preliminary searches so...

I used to love those wood Japanese puzzle boxes as a kid. <link> The "secret" drawers are fairly tiny; coins, marbles, notes. Make version with Styrofoam lined center to retain cold, large enough to hold your lunch. Only you know the opening sequence...

Zuzu, Nov 04 2005

Puzzle Boxes http://stores.brill...oxes/Categories.bok
[Zuzu, Nov 04 2005, last modified Apr 24 2009]


       zuzu, make one and I'll buy it!   

       I had a wooden puzzle that contained a marble - the idea was that you had to manoevre the marble around inside the box until you got the marble out. I couldn't do the puzzle and so I took it into work (I work with children) and a 3 year-old managed to retrieve the marble in seconds. his method was to shake the box...
po, Nov 04 2005

       kids are intuitive... heads not filled with complex adult intellectual mumbo jumbo, obfuscating the obvious.   

       I am 1/2 serious on this lunchbox idea, if I can't find one I might make it...one day...maybe.
Zuzu, Nov 05 2005

       Zuzu makes this seem pretty much baked. But I will leave room for arguementation.. (AKA I'm too tired to say much).
blissmiss, Nov 05 2005

       No, haven't seen it. I just assumed it was baked because it is simple and a fairly obvious extension of the original. Plus when you consider the weird stuff they already market to kids...   

       [kam] exactly, confuse and conquer. :)
Zuzu, Nov 05 2005

       Why not just have a salad sandwich? A) It's good for you and B) moronic bullies don't like salads, they like chocolate spread or peanut butter.
froglet, Nov 05 2005

       froggie, that's a sweeping generalisation. bullies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. some are very aware of their diet. hence the term bully beef...
po, Nov 05 2005

       I have one of these which is about the size of 2 sandwiches, stacked. It can't be coincidence. Also good for watching the waistline - with 11 movements to get to it, you'd have to be really hungry to want to get to that bacon sandwich.
rubyminky, Nov 08 2005

wagster, Nov 08 2005

       Just make sure you don't have one of those Hellraiser puzzleboxes. In seeking lunch, you may accidentaly open a gateway to hell.
tourist, Nov 08 2005

       lovely idea.
neilp, Nov 10 2005

       Usually *after* in my case.
shapu, Apr 02 2009

       "accidentally" ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 02 2009


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