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"Healthy food first" Lunchbox

A lunchbox that makes sure kids eat the healthy things first.
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(I read about the problem here in an anno from another idea, not related, from a couple years ago. ) Every day, mothers and fathers of little children pack a lunch in a lunchbox for school. They always tell them to eat the sandwhich or whatever before the snacks/dessert. However, "eating" usually means crushing, soaking in drinks or throwing away the helathy food.

What I am proposing is a lunchbox that is divided into compartments, with a seperate lid on each. The treat is in one part, the sandwhich or other healthy food in another. The lid on the treat compartment is locked shut until the sandwhich is eaten. This way, you make sure they eat the healthy stuff first.

Figuring out how to know when the sandwhich is eaten, not just removed, could consist of some sort of edible transmitter placed on the sandwhich. When destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the second part opens. It would need to be milk, water, and soda proof, to ensure they don't destroy it by soaking the sandwhich in water or other drink.

If they buy, that's abother problem. But, for now, this may help increase the amount of Heathy food eaten in the lunches.

wolstech, Nov 04 2006


       //The lid on the treat compartment is locked shut until the sandwhich is eaten.//

Or taken out and thrown away.
angel, Nov 04 2006

       I used to work at a school and one of the other ladies told me my job, during lunch, was to walk around and make sure kids had eaten most of their food before excusing them for recess. I didn't do this because I was pretty sure if they were hungry they'd eat. And if they didn't, they weren't going to starve to death later that day.   

       I think this applies here, if you pack your kids lunch with plenty of food and they only eat what they like and then complain about hunger, that is a great time to teach the principle of "Hey, I gave you food. You chose not to eat it, ergo you chose to be hungry." (also a good time to teach meaning of the word "ergo").
PollyNo9, Nov 04 2006

       So .. let me get this straight........ you want the kids to eat healthy right? you dont want them eating the crap food first right? so..... A why do you pack crap in their lunch box in the first, and ... B In order to "make " them eat the healthy food, you may force them to eat a electronic transmitter chip, which would probably get stuck in their bowel, causing and obstruction
Stork, Nov 06 2006

       [21 Q]: It's surely not beyond the wit of the average kid to destroy the transmitter without eating the sandwich.
angel, Nov 06 2006

       I'm with Stork. If you don't want them eating rubbish, don't supply it to them.
Texticle, Nov 06 2006


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