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Lunch Box Epidiascope

Hours of Kiddie Fun
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A lunch box fitted with an epidiascope on top so that at midday the kids (or bored officeworkers) can project images of their sandwhiches/cookies onto school walls. One end of the box has a lens for focusing the contents of the box, while a power plug streams out the other end if batteries are unavailable.

Once lunch is finished, the children can have hours of fun putting things in the container and projecting its image onto walls and semi-lit areas of interest. Cost of the product is minimised by sponsor's logo in one corner of the screen and covering lunch box.

benfrost, Dec 13 2001

an epidiascope http://www.bartleby...61/72/E0177200.html
a step along from the slide or overhead projector [benfrost, Dec 13 2001]


       Or, you could just leave the scope on, and don't open your lunch box for weeks. As long as the box is strong enough, and well-sealed, the truly revolting aspect of this (the smell) won't be an issue, and the kids can watch in fascinated thrall as the food decomposes.
Guncrazy, Dec 13 2001


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