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Lever Arch Lunch

File under 8
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A Ziploc (or similar) bag that has a strip running down one side with two perforations, the other side re-enforced along its length with an H-shaped spine.
The perforations allow you to file your sandwich in a lever arch file and the spine protects the file from squashing it.
A safe, convenient way to take lunch to school or university without having to find a way to fit that lumpy lunch box into your shoulder bag.
shudderprose, Mar 31 2009

lever arch files http://images.googl...8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi
they look the same as ring binders [jaksplat, Apr 01 2009]


       Sheer brilliance. Here's an ossified, 6-month old croissant I just found with my tax returns...[+]
zen_tom, Mar 31 2009

       There's an episode of King of The Hill where Dale Gribble worked at "StickTec" and had there a filing cabinet filled with brown bag lunches labeled "10:15 am", "10:30 am", etc.
Spacecoyote, Mar 31 2009

       "And if we could turn to item 5 on the agenda... - ah! lunch!"
hippo, Mar 31 2009

       cool +
xandram, Mar 31 2009

       Ring binders snap shut, lever arch files use a lever to close the two halves of the ring. The ring tends to be bigger in a lever arch file so you can fit more documents or sandwiches in. Otherwise they're quite similar.
Srimech, Mar 31 2009

       Very good. / / / + H \ \ \ Lever Arch Lunch is good, and also an excellent username. Beanangel changed midstream. Maybe you too?   

       hm. my H-protected lever arch croissant did not come out as planned. Tasty anyway.
bungston, Apr 01 2009

       The rotund, elongated space through the arches might house a baguette?
loonquawl, Apr 01 2009

       You could put side dish and beverage pouches in to fill it out.
Spacecoyote, Apr 01 2009

       [21 Quest]: Yes, taking a sandwich to school in a lever arch file would be a waste of space, unless of course you were taking one anyway.
shudderprose, Apr 01 2009

       [21...] //Ring binder would be a waste of weight and space unless the sandwich is huge.// Methinks the idea means the documents and the sandwich are contained in the same lever-arch file. This is not just a file to act as a luncheon container, but rather a device for keeping your work/study-notes and meal in the same place.   

       Possibly if [shudderprose] had more to study or if he/she had a sufficient workload, the logistics of placing a normal amount of relevant documents *and* a sufficient meal in one place may prove difficult.   

       The idea, however, seems far too sensible and commercially viable for this forum...   

       //File under 8// is very nice though...
4whom, Apr 05 2009

       I didn't see this before. +
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

       If, when rolling sushi, you left a little flap of nori free, you could apply hole-punch and store in ring-binder.
zen_tom, Apr 20 2009

       An H-shaped spine could be fashioned from jointed chopsticks.
shudderprose, Apr 20 2009

       //File under 8//
And when you're finished, move it to E-10.
coprocephalous, Apr 20 2009


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