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Cool-it buddy

To do away with cool blocks
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In my lunch box I have a cool block to keep my packed lunch fresh. I think if the lid of the container was made out of a double layered gel (like the cool block) the lid could be put in the freezer (using less space) and then put on my lunch box this would do away with the separate block (which keeps getting lost).
gizmo, Feb 21 2002

we have ourselves a convoy http://www.narrowga...ics/bbr/convoy.html
pity me I loved this [po, Feb 21 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       just you tidy your room young man, I can see its a complete mess in there. you done your homework? nice to see you back.
po, Feb 21 2002

       Did you mean "buddy" or is "butty" a word?
bristolz, Feb 21 2002

po, Feb 21 2002

       The lid would have to be designed so as to separate the 'cool side' from the 'outside,' otherwise you'll have an ineffective thermal insulator.

       Q: Why not just velcro the coolpak to the lid?
My butt's feeling cooler already.
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2002

       Baked - there are coolers available with ice-pack blocks that screw into the lid. Generally, folks take the pack out of the lid to freeze it, but I guess you could stick the whole thing in the freezer.
quarterbaker, Feb 21 2002

       you could make it so that the entire box can be chilled, but as one of your concerns was the amount of space used up this may not be to your liking.
kaz, Feb 21 2002

       we have a CONVOY......linky
po, Feb 21 2002

       yeah but how old is gizmo?, star, give the kid a break they went out of business 15 years ago!
where did he go? BTW the thought of Peter going to school leaves me in stitches!
po, Feb 21 2002

       It may seem like a slightly perverse source of national pride, but the deep fried Mars Bar is a Scottish phenomenon, not a Northern English one.
calum, Feb 21 2002

       One of my friends was very proud to live in Stonehaven (near Aberdeen), home of the first deep-fried Mars Bar. Although I don't think she ever had one herself.
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       Pah! Deep-fried mars bar, schmeep-fried mars bar.   

       Deep-fried choc-ice? Now *there's* a culinary classic.   

       Fort William should be famous for a little more than its mountain, you know.
salachair, Feb 22 2002

       Deep fried Cadbury's Creme Eggs, now there's class.
LardyBloke, Feb 22 2002

       <OT> Welcome back [gizmo]. We need some help over at the IBD. Need to know if there's any advantage or disadvantage to the various Harry Potter Hogwarts houses. I figure you're the closest thing to an expert we're likely to come across. </OT>
phoenix, Feb 22 2002

       Deep fried mars bars are actually quite nice, UnaBubba. They are a heady combination of the sweet, the savoury and the greasy. It's like having all your post-piss-up munchies at once, thereby eliminating the hassle of fumbling with a kebab, packet of crisps (or pot noodle) and a wee poke of cola bottles.   

       Dammit, I love Scotland.
salachair, Feb 22 2002

       [x] Deep fried Oreos.   

       My son has a lunch bag, the sides of which are filled with the cool-pack blue fluid. You freeze the bag itself. It does not freeze solid and stays pliable.
waugsqueke, Feb 22 2002

       My lunchtime sandwiches are made with sliced bread which has been stored in the freezer until sandwich-making time, ie the morning. By lunchtime, they've thawed to perfection; in the meantime, they've kept their lunchbox partners cool.
angel, Feb 22 2002

       phoenix: thanks, Hogwarts Houses: Griffindor = Brave, Slitherin = Evil, Hufflepuff = Average, Ravenclaw = Clever.   

       po: thanks, I have had other very important matters to attend to, other than cleaning my room.
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

       Good idea, but I have two comments. If you would lose the cool pack, wouldn't you be just as likely to lose your detachable lid? Secondly, the outside would need to be a seperate layer in order to be properly insulated and from keeping your box from being uncomfotably cold to carry.
heatherbell, Aug 12 2002


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