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Kitten Basket Jacket

Fleeting Fashions Inc.
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Fleeting Fashions Inc. is dedicated to the vibrant display and application of fleeting natural events to the world of fashion. First up: the Kitten Basket Jacket.

The KBJ is a wonderfully tailored threaded suede leather piece with 64 specially designed tiny woven straw baskets covering the entire exterior. These baskets are small and non invasive, and just perfect for holding one little kitten in each one. The baskets are woven with the softest of vegetable fibers for the kittens' comfort, and there are little holes in the bottoms for their legs and tails, and little straps over the top to hold them in place as their cute little heads pop out for meowing and socializing. The jacket can only be worn for a short time, usually a couple months or so before the kittens outgrow the baskets. In this way, the fashion is essentially fleeting and comfortably belongs in our lineup.

To gain the full experience of the piece, the user must absolutely put one and only one kitten in each and every basket. Otherwise it's just going to look rediculous.

daseva, Sep 28 2008

Rediculous http://www.wsu.edu/...ors/rediculous.html
Definishion of that word that was roangly spellet. [neelandan, Sep 29 2008]

Strawberry Jar http://www.arizonap...m/item.asp?iid=3357
Pottery version [csea, Sep 29 2008]

I'm not sure if kittens can fly, either... http://ozguru.mu.nu...budgie_jumping.html
The demise of the budgie pocket (for po)...[btw, hi po! I noticed you asked the same question in an older cat pocket idea. This question has been festering for some time, eh?] [daseva, Oct 02 2008]

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       The horror ! The horror !   

       <sound of Borg stampeding for exit>   

8th of 7, Sep 28 2008

       I guess I've never really understood art to begin with.
swimr, Sep 28 2008

       Hey, I'd buy one. Is there a way to make them all purr on command?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 28 2008

       non-practical, you'd constantly be chasing your coat around, couldn't walk more than a couple yards before it caught on something (don't even think about leaning against a tree).
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2008

       Fashion rarely follows the practical, [airbornecrunchybreadmaker].   

       [MB], the only way to achieve unified puring is to get willing participants to all scratch their noggins simultaneously, while you sit back and figure out how to remember the names of all your new friends!
daseva, Sep 29 2008

       Visiting an owl sanctuary wearing one of these would be a real treat.   

       For the owls, yes ..... <snigger>
8th of 7, Sep 29 2008


       A google search has informed me that no instance of that word has yet been found in its spidery travels.
neelandan, Sep 29 2008

       Reminds me of a planter known as a "strawberry jar" [link].
csea, Sep 29 2008

       ...if worn with a *cat-bed hat* (which I never had the nerve to post...)
xandram, Sep 29 2008

       This could be a real ass-hat to your current collection of haute-couture.
4whom, Sep 29 2008

       A strange urge within me is asking me to fill those strawberry jars with kittens and watch them teem and slip through the holes, perhaps falling into baskets arranged neatly around the jar. Perhaps this is how we could fill the baskets.
daseva, Sep 29 2008

       Use a colander. If the kittens won't go through the holes, force them through with the back of a spoon.
8th of 7, Sep 29 2008


       Totally practical, no more brushing cat hair off your coat, will keep vermin from your lunch and alerts the rest of the world that you are a crazy cat person. [+]
Noexit, Oct 01 2008

       // you are a crazy cat person //   

       "Lock and load ......"
8th of 7, Oct 01 2008

       where did budgie (should be budgy) pockets go?
po, Oct 01 2008


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