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No splashback urinal cake

A urinal cake shaped like a patch of grass. No splashback!
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Ever noticed that that when peeing in a patch of grass, there is no splashback? This is because most of the spray goes into the space between the grass. As it eventually bounces off the grass (or the ground), the bounce is usually "caught" by a re-bounce on another blade of grass (or the ground). See link for image.
maheshvv, Mar 24 2007

Patch of grass urinal cake image http://img411.image...ssurinalcakezk9.jpg
[maheshvv, Mar 24 2007]

Blackbody radiation (physics) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_body
Blackbody radiation at Wikipedia [maheshvv, Mar 25 2007]


       Ever wonder why they call it urinal *cake*?
nuclear hobo, Mar 24 2007

       I think an upwards-pointing cone would be more efficient.
fridge duck, Mar 24 2007

croissantz, Mar 24 2007

       Aiming down the porcelain still causes splash-back. It's just a reduced amount. Would something like sttel wool be a little easier to do? Even just leaving a steel wool pad in the bottom seems like it might help.
Hunter79764, Mar 25 2007

       Steel wool-like mould for the cake would probably be ok; the aim (heh heh) is to reduce the reflection (splashing) by reducing reflecting surfaces such as smooth contiguous surfaces. As Hunter79764 says, the porcelain causes splashing as well and isn't an effective solution. The ideal is a blackbody (see blackbody at Wikipedia) but aiming down a little tiny hole is the problem in the first place. The idea is to extend the use of existing urinals and provide an intake mechanism that makes the most of the reflection go in a most other directions rather than back to you.
maheshvv, Mar 25 2007

       Steel wool itself would corrode in chemical interaction with the urine.
maheshvv, Mar 25 2007

       Plastic steel wool would work OK
JSand, Mar 25 2007

       //Plastic steel wool// Isn't that an oxymoron?
nuclear hobo, Mar 25 2007

       Plastic blades of grass with a space below for removable/replacable urinal cake.   


       Big fan of the grass idea, myself - there's something very back-to-nature about overnitrogenating the most abundant land plant on the planet.
shapu, Mar 26 2007

       Thanks shapu. Just a thought: what about actual blades of grass in a shallow tray? The tray would have a wire mesh or small holes in the bottom for drainage. Wonder if all the urine would be too much for the poor plant(s). Wish I had a urinal at home to test this out. A one month test at your favourite watering hole (really, no pun intended) should do the trick. If the greenery survives the onslaught, its a winner.
maheshvv, Mar 26 2007


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