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My boobs are down here
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This lightweight device is intended to be worn near the bust of a woman's garment. It contains a simple display that shows a number, a camera, a battery, and a computer. Through facial recognition and eye tracking it displays the number of times the person facing the device has looked at her cleavage.
Voice, Apr 23 2022

goggle_20bra [pocmloc, Apr 23 2022]

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       I'm intrigued, I understand the number, but what's the symbolism of the display showing a camera, a battery and a computer?
Skewed, Apr 23 2022

       Politically incorrect and in shockingly bad taste. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 23 2022

       It is isn't it .. can it come with a cap with the ideas strapline printed on it & an arrow pointing down?   

       Just in case anyone is looking at their face instead.
Skewed, Apr 23 2022

       So the easiest way to have a socially acceptable low number is a constant unwavering stare?
pocmloc, Apr 23 2022

       If you never stop staring at her boobs it only counts as one.   

       Should have some kind of buzzer or alarm too.   

       Robot voice that says "BREAST GAZER! BREAST GAZER!".
doctorremulac3, Apr 23 2022

       I do detect just one major problem for this idea though, sunglasses, particularly mirrored shades.
Skewed, Apr 23 2022

       Men to look at necklaces too, could just be innocent.   

       "I was just looking at that blinking, beeping, radar tracking device looking thing on your neck."
doctorremulac3, Apr 23 2022

       "Just trying to read your t-shirt miss. Ah yes, Hanes. Very good."   


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