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Wipe that smile off their faces.
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Most people know the parable of The Good Samaritan. A man fell amongst thieves and got beaten up, and was left by the side of the road; a priest and a Levite passed by on the other side, but the Samariatn helped him.

These days, The Samaritans are an organisation who exist to help the depressed, desperate and desparing.

I think there should be a parallel organisation called The Levites. Their staff would be formed from trained volunteers, whose job it would be to phone up smug, glib, rich and sucessful people (especially overpaid sportsment and others in the entertainment industry) and give them a good solid dose of doom and gloom to redress the balance.

I'd like them to call Richard Branson first, then maybe Tony Blair.

8th of 7, Jul 15 2002


       I thought the Levites _were_ the smug, glib, rich, and successful people.
beauxeault, Jul 16 2002

       I think there are already a crowd of crazy people who do this already. One loony from uk.politics.misc harrasses Blair and his family because of an absurd escalation from a unconnected cricket article written by the loon in question.   

       These people are generally called stalkers, not levites.
Aristotle, Jul 17 2002

       I was expecting another pants idea..
Mr Burns, Jul 17 2002


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