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PertPlus watch out...
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Unfortunately, being a vertebrate has many flaws. Except for the pretzel-flexible inclined, being able touch your spine with your hands is difficult. One consequence of this flaw is not being able to apply lotion on your back. All too often, we wake up, shower, apply cosmetic products and are forced to skip our back region because of our evolutionary deficeincies.

I propose a solution to this daily problem. LotionPoo is a combination of shampoo, conditioner and skin moisturizer. After applying LotionPoo to your hair, the suds which drip down your body after lathering in your hair will also moisturize your skin. Thus, leaving hair, body, and skin pristine and moisturized. Never will you go to work again with dry hands, or itchy legs. Your back skin will also thank you for the many years of neglect.

darkboy115, Apr 22 2005

Cowface posture http://www.sachyoga...0in%20Padmasana.jpg
A possible solution, but don't "end-gain". [nineteenthly, Apr 22 2005]

Moisturzing hair & body wash http://www.thisnext...OPLAGE-Moisturizing
[jutta, Aug 16 2008]

Moisturizing body wash shower gel shampoo http://www.novadeto...ash_shower_gel.html
[jutta, Aug 16 2008]

And another one. http://www.philosop...ng-grace-shower-gel
Apparently one of "Oprah's favorite things® for 2005!" Sheesh, this page is starting to look like one of those google spam sites. [jutta, Aug 16 2008]


       This is moisturizing shower gel, isn't it?
moomintroll, Apr 22 2005

       poo worries me.
po, Apr 22 2005

       Why "-Poo"?
It's OK, but if you practice the Gomukhasana, the Hatha Yoga cowface posture, there may be no part of your back you can't touch. See link.
nineteenthly, Apr 22 2005

       I mistook you for darkboy114.
benfrost, Apr 23 2005

       I think that 'poo' is a little unappealing, even of it isn't really poo. Now THAT would be gross.
hobbitcoat, Apr 24 2005

       Oh the build-up!   

       *shields face in horror*
hermyslilsis, Nov 17 2006

       Bad name. I pictured fecal facewash. Not good.
jtp, Nov 18 2006

       based on shampoo and real poo
po, Nov 18 2006

       Moisturizing shower gel is widely known to exist, right?
jutta, Aug 16 2008

       i agree this is a fairy lame idea, but you should at least criticize correctly. the point is you can't reach your back... how many people apply shower gel to their... hair? The point is the shampoo doubles as a moisturizer, so when it drips down your back it moisturizes it...
conskeptical, Aug 16 2008

       // how many people apply shower gel to their... hair?   

       Uh, lots of them? I figured that was the point of using shower gel over just plain soap. I guess I was mistaken - there's a separate category of shower gels that also double as shampoo. Hm. Maybe this is more recent than I thought.   

       Man, I totally can't do that cowface pose at all. Try it, you'll feel stupid, too.
jutta, Aug 16 2008

       Yeah this is really well baked.   

       You have not been to very many hotels lately, have you [darkboy115]?   

       I don't get the dry hands and itchy legs part, those appendages are well within reach..
mylodon, Aug 16 2008

       With gomukhasana, as with all Yoga, "you're not competing against anyone, even yourself". One day you might be able to touch your hands, another day you might not, and you can use a rope, strap or something similar to bridge the gap. If you think in terms of feeling ridiculous, you may tense up and it'd be more difficult. Today you may be able to wash your shoulderblades and sacrum, tomorrow maybe the lumbar region, but just let go of having a clean back and you'll be fine.   

       Also, if you _can_ do it, you'll probably keel over and die of Marfan's Syndrome at an early age.
nineteenthly, Aug 16 2008

       I just figured if there's a lather of lotion somewhere, then the "suds that drip down" from it are the lotion-poo, metaphorically speaking.   

       sp: deficiencies. Or maybe defeciencies, in this case.
bnip, Aug 17 2008

       First of all dude, change the name, nobody wants to buy something with poo in the name, I know the poo suggeests shampoo, but it's not obious from the name, and a lot of these people on here didn't realise that and gave the idea negative votes because of it. Second there are already moisturising body washes and conditioning shampoos on the market, neither of which work as well was using the products seperately, so I would think that combining all four products -shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion- you would end up with a product that didn't do any of it's functions very well at all, also realistically, people are going to be lathering this on their bodies as well, so it's not quite as somple as you describe, because people aren't going to get clean just from the suds dripping down from washing their hair. While in theory it's a good idea I just don't think it would be possible for the product to work very well, which would probablly limit the market to people who are in a huge hurry, and lazy guys who only want one bottle of stuff in their shower. So if it turns out to be possible to make you would probablly have a neiche market for it, but I don't think it would be a huge success.
ModernDivo, Aug 18 2008


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