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Shampoo 4 U

Pre measured shampoo
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To prevent over usage of expensive shampoo, shampoo 4U is a premeasured amount in the form of a capsule which when it gets wet it desolves and lets the shampoo out.
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

The History of Shampoo http://www.hairrific.com/hist.htm#shampoo
Invented in the 1930's apparently. [DrBob, Feb 27 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Premeasured for whom? Me in my Hippy days or my eventual old, bald dotage?
mcscotland, Feb 22 2002

       You get single-use sachets of shampoo in hotels, don't you?
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       I don't live in a hotel.
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

       It could come in 3 sizes. Hippy, Normal and Empty...?
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

       Good one. I always use too much shampoo. Make the conditioner the same way. The only issue is keeping the unused ones dry while in the shower, don't want to have to take one in every day with me.
rbl, Feb 22 2002

       What's to stop you having two helpings? Shampoo is one thing but I refuse to be limited on conditioner. You can never have too much conditioner. Conditioner RULES.
Helium, Feb 22 2002

       I had imagined them to be round, they could be stored in a large waterproof cannister similar to bubble gum machines. If you turn the handle one falls out into the tray.
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

       Why don't you fill them with helium so you have to catch them first?
Helium, Feb 22 2002

       I am yet to be convinced that conditioner does anything at all!
po, Feb 22 2002

       [Helium] Ewwwww.
phoenix, Feb 22 2002

       Ewwwww? EWWWWW?   

       By the way in a hotel I use 2 shampoo sachets, followed by 3-4 conditioner sachets. :-)
Helium, Feb 22 2002

       As my distinguished colleague Helium pointed out - Conditioner RULES.
thumbwax, Feb 22 2002

       Marketers won't do this to prevent overusage, but to encourage it.   

       It's annoying enough that my preferred hair dye is sold premeasured and with no easy way of using only part of the package, when I only need about one third of the amount contained. Perish the thought of doing that with substances I use every day (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc.).
bookworm, Feb 22 2002

       what am I missing, conditioner? you wash it in and wash it out, zilch! what are you boys doing with it? with what results?
po, Feb 22 2002

       #include <you only need conditioner because shampoo uses harsh detergents that suck all the moisture out of your hair rant>   

       I also recall reading somewhere that all you need is soap instead of shampoo and vinegar for conditioner, but I've never tried it.
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       'Stu, you beat me to it: just use soap. It gives your hair a pleasantly dried-out look and feel. It's an essential part of what makes me such a rock star. But what's "conditioner?"
snarfyguy, Feb 23 2002

       So, just a simple watertight wall mounted dispenser (could be as small as a pez dispenser?) for the capsules?   

       Helium and tb, you must always have half a bottle of shampoo left when the conditioner is all gone? They need to market unequal size bottles for the chronic conditioners in the group.
rbl, Feb 23 2002

       Equal amounts of each. Switch Brands once a month as well. Keeps hair from becoming 'dull', like non-conditioner users, heh.
thumbwax, Feb 23 2002

       Possible alternative to capsules: get an old optic from your local pub and attach it to your shampoo bottle. "A 1/4 gill of Wash n' Go, please barman!"
calum, Feb 23 2002

       apparently 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is bad for your hair. dark haired girls used to rinse with beer but thats another story.
po, Feb 23 2002

       I was once given a tip on hair care by a salon student: If you leave your hair without washing it for 6 weeks, (!!!!) it will create it's own cleaning and conditioning system, and you will never need to wash it again. I never tried it, and suspect she didn't like me, but it may work??
arora, Feb 23 2002

       That's just the story they gave mom as to why they were buying a sixer...
StarChaser, Feb 23 2002

       Vinegar was used in the old days to give the hair a shine and a red tint to dark hair, it was also used as a cure for headlice, albeit a not very effective one.   

       Raw eggs was another one used to make the hair soft and shiny....which reminds me of a practical joke I once saw played on a colleague.   

       First person said: "If you let me break these two eggs over your head I'll give you this $10 note".   

       Colleague considers for a moment then reluctantly agrees.   

       Colleague sits while first person breaks the first egg over their head and rubs it in.........colleague waits................ room bursts into laughter.   

       First person leaves with the other egg and the $10 safely in his pocket.
Helium, Feb 23 2002

       Vinegar giving a red tint to dark hair? Why am I spending too much money at my hairdressers then?   

       I need a shampoo dispenser - always end up with too much & have to rinse forever to get it out.
bluerowan, Feb 24 2002

       arora, hair is dead cells. That's why we need conditioner, because it's not supposed to be shiny, supple, flippable over you shoulder. You don't need to condition your ears, do you? If you left hair for 6 weeks, it'd just go rank and smelly, develop colonies of bacteria, and be generally foul. Think DREADLOCKS.
QuadAlpha, Feb 26 2002

       Erm, gizmo, this idea doesn't appear to take into account the fact that some people have more hair than others. I used to have pretty short hair and needed only a small amount of shampoo. Now, however, I have very long hair and I use a larger amount. Would the capsules come in different sizes, to suit different hair lengths?   

       And yes, Helium, conditioner is a total godsend.
salachair, Feb 26 2002

       sala: Please note there is a ref to qty in anno 4, three sizes etc. but I suppose you could always use 2 balls instead of 1???
arora, Feb 27 2002

       I'm not convinced about the necessity for shampoo. People seem to have got by for quite some time before it was invented, but I'll vote for this. Anything's better than the PeterSealy solution to over-use of shampoo.
DrBob, Feb 27 2002

       Was it deleted, I can't see it?
arora, Feb 27 2002

       Was it deleted? In a sense. Can you see it? No, you can't. Mr Sealy sports "The Emperor's New Hairdo." Through choice, I should add.
calum, Feb 27 2002

       The proper amount of shampoo grows as my hair grows and thus it's suds capacity, there would have to be an time based increase. but im not sure what the function is for hair mass/length to suds capacity.
davidcreede, Aug 16 2003


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