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More recursive shampoo

smaller, more penetrative pills
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Vitamins or other natural or nature-identical substances in shampoos are carried in the form of tiny pills in solution. When the shampoo is used these burst open to reveal many smaller pills, which adsorb to the hair or folicle.

This is shown in the adverts so it must be true.

I propose the development of even smaller pills to pack into what are currently the smallest pills. This will let them get to work faster and penetrate deeper than ever before.

Loris, Aug 11 2002

Sorry, couldn't resist it http://www.halfbake...recursive_20shampoo
[angel, Oct 05 2004]


       Wouldn't they come into the bloodstream and cause you to be brain-washed?
FarmerJohn, Aug 11 2002

       It's tingling! No, no wait, no dear GOD IT'S BURNING!! AAAGGGH!!!
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       Aahh, shampoo - what memories! I should never have experimented with the real stuff...
PeterSilly, Aug 12 2002

       Absorptive qualities of shampoos are a sham - you can fill it full of vitamins and it will have no effect on the hair. The problem is basically there are no live cells in hair beyond the follicle, so even if you can get stuff to absorb into the hair, its not going to do anything anyway. The only effect you'll notice is if the shampoo coats the outside of the hair with something (as Fructis does, for those in the uk). A friend of mine, who now works as a molecular biologist, used his high school chemistry project as an excuse to prove the majority of major brand shampoos have none of the effects they claim in their marketing. Its so obvious even a school kid can disprove the shampoo marketers. If you want to have an effect on the quality of your hair, change your diet, not your shampoo.
namaste, Aug 12 2002

       Presumably though, Loris, there comes a point where these lovely, vitamin-enriched pill-ettes are so small that they just pass straight through the hair without stopping thus robbing me of the benefit of having a beautiful, shiny coat and moist nose? Er...hair that is. Forget about the nose thing.

'Bubba, I recommend Bob Martins.
DrBob, Nov 15 2002

       Quantum tunneling vitamin pills ? Wouldn't you have to cool them to near absolute zero ?   

       "Wash your hair in liquid Helium" ..... No, I don't think so.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2002

       Well, it sure took care of the dandruff...... the hair was just a little dry and stiff after though ..... pehaps I should have used more of the liquid nitrogen conditioner.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2002

       I thought this was going to be some sort of enhanced version of the standard instructions "Lather. Rinse. Repeat."
krelnik, Nov 15 2002


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