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Moustache Shampooer

Device applies shampoo directly to the moustache
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A clean moustache is essential to personal hygeine, and yet taking care of it can be a tedious task fraught with danger and difficulty. I generally apply a small spot of shampoo to my finger, and scrub vigorously, but in doing so, I end up with soap in my nose and mouth.

My suggestion: Run a small hose from the shower supply pipe, fitted at the end with an adaptor designed to fit nicely over the moustache. Adaptors of various sizes could be included with purchase. Near the end would be a small reservoir designed to hold enough shampoo for several applications, and 2 control buttons.

To use the moustache shampooer, place the adaptor over your moustache. Pressing button number one starts the flow of a water-shampoo mixture. Button number two provides the rinse cycle. A drain channel in the end piece would divert soapy water from your mouth.

hubby2debbie, Jan 24 2006


       //A clean moustache is essential to personal hygeine//   

       This implies that being clean shaven (or female, or under 14) is unhygenic! I am clean shaven (usually) and I take a bath every year, whether I need one or not!
Minimal, Jan 24 2006

       You make a very good point, however, a young person or someone with too many x chromosomes can pick up a good clean fake moustache in a costume store.
hubby2debbie, Jan 24 2006

       Can you not just remove the moustache and wash it in the sink?
calum, Jan 24 2006

       OMG this is awesome!! But what about pubes?
neuroelectronic, Oct 24 2008

       [+] after a day of acting as an air and food filter, a moustache can get pretty rank. Might I suggest including a "scent neutral" shampoo.
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2008


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