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Lottery Beer2

Pop the top, use it to scratch the lottery ticket printed on the side. "Damn! Another loser!" Drink your blues away.
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No need to spend your welfare check on two different products now that they've been combined into one. Remember, lottery tickets are an important part of any investment portfolio and beer makes your pathetic life slightly more tolerable.

On the one in a million chance you win a million bucks, you'll be ready to toast your good fortune! In the more likely situation that the $1 lottery ticket printed on the side turns out to be a loser, you're still getting drunk, which is life's ultimate consolation prize.

This of course is "inspired" by the previous Lottery Beer idea that puts pee in every 3rd bottle or something to prevent people from becoming alchoholics. I think this is a better use of the concept.

doctorremulac3, Nov 06 2011

Inspired by: Lottery_20Beer
[doctorremulac3, Feb 23 2016]


       Tip up, chums!
Alterother, Nov 06 2011

       Only your purse strings. As per usual, but more so.
Alterother, Nov 06 2011

       It is not worth another thread (Lottery Beer3) but when I used to refill the soft drinks machine for my employees in the lunchroom I was always tempted to put a beer in once in awhile as a "lucky dip." Mighta been a good way to increase soft drink sales but on the other hand we only sold them at cost in the first place. Besides, which boss needs to open themselves up even further to possible litigation in this day and age.
AusCan531, Nov 07 2011

       Litigation? I think instead it would be the foundation of the employee morale program.
swimswim, Nov 07 2011

       Till some day, somewhere, an employee has an accident with the slightest trace of alcohol in their system and says "all I wanted was a soft drink but....."
AusCan531, Nov 07 2011

       Don't worry about it [AusCan531], we did it for you at the garage/service station I managed in a previous lifetime.   

       Henry Weinhard bottles would just barely fit through the port in the front-dispensing machine.
normzone, Feb 23 2016


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