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Old Food Scavenger Hunt

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The traditional scavenger hunt involves teams that fan out over a neighborhood looking for items on a list. This variation involves teams looking for old food. Food items must be printed with an expiration date and be found in a residence or business, not a museum. Whoever brings back the oldest item wins. Other prizes would be awarded for other categories - weirdest, yummiest, and so on.

I envision this as a fun adhoc sort of contest for students or campers. It also would make a fun reality show in the spirit of those other team contest shows in that the camera could follow the team into the house and look at various old food candidates as teams and residents rummage through pantries and refrigerators looking for vintage items.

I was not sure how to categorize this item.

bungston, Aug 14 2009

Stuart Ashen Eats (Very) Old Food http://www.youtube....-HabJvJucxegvP3ir95
[Spacecoyote, Jul 31 2014]


       Reality TV show   

       4 teams 2 dumpsters each team (donation, pig food)   

       Town split into four quarter - along State and Main?   

       Each team to advertise and market the people in their quarter to come forward and donate their too old food and extra food to each teams dumpster.   

       Lines of people and cars snake through the local sports stadium, and the totals are tracked live.
popbottle, Jul 31 2014


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