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Wall Waldo

Find 12 shifty eyed dudes from cologne ads!
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This is a low cost, long running game suitable to play in a school, museum kids area, or other place where kids of arty folks while away the time. Alternatively, this could be a one time big competition, perhaps set up in a gym as part of one of those overnight activities for people who fear their teens will go drink in a cornfield if not kept in the gym after prom.

Pages with images are torn from magazines and newspapers: whatever is available. They are tacked or taped to the wall helter-skelter. The wall is long, and corkboarded and at no point are pages tacked higher than the average participant's head. Before tacking up, a page is photocopied. One or more images from the page is cut out and glued to a brightly colored card. Additional wall pages and cards accrue over time.

Participants may play solo, compete, or be a team. Find the image on the wall among the fluttering pages that corresponds to the card in your hand. Place your card on the image. When you have placed all your cards you are done.

The game could also be done as a theme: "find 12 manly men", "12 expensive things of bling", "12 animals" etc. That version would be good for team play.

bungston, Jul 05 2012




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