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Pressurized Condom

Pop them open like Pillsbury Dough
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Condom that comes in a paper cylinder that when peeled, pops open the condom in a ready-to-use form
Amishman35, Apr 19 2002

Not in a cylinder, but it does pop open http://www.news24.c...346_1251744,00.html
and it definitely qualifies as ready-to-use. Translated from the original Afrikaans, which I didn't realize had a word for "destigmatize". [DrCurry, Sep 07 2002]


       Is there a risk it would blow my wad?
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2002

       Pop goes the weasel?
phoenix, Apr 19 2002

       From a Trojan man to a Pillsbury Dough boy?   

       I'm not sure what this means either. If you wanted a condom to be unrolled before wearing, it would make sense, but I don't think you do.
jutta, Apr 19 2002

       Maybe it comes prestuffed with crescent roll dough. You know, to hold the shape.   

       I don't think it's healthy to associate that little bastard Poppin' Fresh's stomach-poke laugh with sex, at least not if you expect to be able to use the condom.
waugsqueke, Apr 19 2002

       The condom is in a ready to use form when it's peeled. You just need to know how to use it after that.   

       DrCurry, good catch on that story. I like the idea, party balloons are a pain to apply...
StarChaser, Sep 07 2002

       A pressurized condom would create the opposite effect from that desired.   

       The visual from the following is worth a good chuckle or a moment of apnea depending on your gender. Evidence lays in the principle that James Cameron, self proclaimed King of the World and titanic scaled filmmaker employed to create souvenir tokens from styrofoam coffee cups for crew mates during scouting expeditions of Titanic.   

       During a few of the Russian procured ROV dives down to the depth of 12,486ft (3.68m) under 4000 atm. the crew added to descending equipment styrofoam coffee cups autographed and decorated by all. Upon completion of the dive the crew retrieved perfect miniatures of the cups they had decorated earlier.   

       Perhaps [Binary Cookies] could recommend suggestions to help with tubes and vacuums.
hollajam, Sep 07 2002

       I'm no expert but somehow I think 12,468ft != 3.68m
NickTheGreat, Sep 07 2002

       Tahnks [NTG] I've passed that on to my keybaord!
hollajam, Sep 07 2002


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