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Practice Condoms

Extra Thick Condoms to Use While Masturbating
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Unprotected sex leads to elevated risk of children or disease. Some men don't like wearing a condom, claiming they can't feel anything when they put one on. Use of the extra think latex condom for one when masturbating would avoid this problem. The condoms for normal use would feel like nothing at all by comparison.

A dual purpose of the extra thick condom could be for people that want a little more endurance.

DonBirnam, Feb 06 2004


       "But who will bell the cat?"
k_sra, Feb 06 2004

       [ why this emphasis on liquids? ]
normzone, Feb 06 2004

       Would it match a penis bell curve?
FarmerJohn, Feb 06 2004

       Does this piece of advice constitute a reservoir tip ?   

       If you get teased about this, have you been ribbed ?
normzone, Feb 06 2004

       A + for any idea that promotes condoms, no matter how far fetched. If scientists consider a popoulation of 100,000 of a species "healthy and viable" then 6E9 humans are way too much.
kbecker, Feb 07 2004

       A quick search of Google reveals that extra thick condoms are already available, intended for anal sex. No idea where you might get them, though.   

       And I'm still not entirely clear why you would need to wear a condom while masturbating, unless you like all that potty talk.
DrCurry, Feb 08 2004

       "...extra think latex condom..."

gets a + from me
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 08 2004

       Years ago, Dennis Miller came up with the solution to this problem: "I wear two condoms all the time. Then, at night, I take one off and I feel like a wild man."
TheJeff, May 18 2004

       Before my first time, one of my friends actually suggested that I double-bag for my date. :O No way, Jose.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005

       It's not easy being a straight bloke. If you're gay, you get your own practice set. When you're good and ready, then you can go play with someone else's. But us, we're expected to fly those babies the first time we get in them!
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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