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Odour Free Condoms

Stop the smell of rubber on every spot...
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It's neccesary to use one, but this side effect is disgusting! The smell of rubber everywhere is like thinking of your mother in law whilst in action. And if you think a flavour is an alternative, NO! That's even worse, the so called strawberryflavour tastes and smells like anything but a strawberry...

So, R&D department of the condomproducers, get up, stand up, for your, uhmm... and develop an Odour Free Condom!

[I hope this is baked, and if so, please tell me where I can get them, I will be running]

BartJan, Jul 12 2001

Condom Country's non-latex list. http://www.condom.com/nonlatex.html
[StarChaser, Jul 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The (mainly) odour-free alternatives. http://news.bbc.co....1441000/1441898.stm
'Putting a watch around your penis before sex means the radioactivity of the dial kills off sperm.' [angel, Jul 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. Non latex condoms. Don't work as well in most cases, but don't smell like rubber.
StarChaser, Jul 12 2001

       So it's not baked, cause they should work like the rubber ones... I don't like the idea of using condoms that MAYBE do not work properly, that really takes away the pleasure.
BartJan, Jul 12 2001

       They don't work as well in the sense that they're somewhat more prone to breakage. They actually work better in that polyurethane transmits body heat better than latex, so they feel a little better.   

       That should have been 'don't work as well in SOME cases', not 'most'.   

       So yes, it is baked.
StarChaser, Jul 14 2001

       They have sheepskin condoms there, too.
<Not a stockholder or anything, just a satisfied customer.>
StarChaser, Jul 14 2001

       Where StarChaser linked. Additionally, polyurethane condoms can be used with oil-based lubricants that hold odors and essences better than water-based products.
reensure, Jul 14 2001

       Been wanting to ask them if the lambskin ones came with a mint-flavored lube...   

       StarChaser 'Call me mint jelly, cause I'm on the lamb' Tyger.
StarChaser, Jul 15 2001

       The FDA has given a thumbs-up to things like the Durex Avanti (Trojan now has a similar polyurethane condom) as well as the Female Condom. They aren't as stretchy but transfer heat better. They are not as breakable as the above would let you believe, and the efficacy for preventing pregnancy and STD transmission is comparable to latex condoms (which figures in to the "failure rate".   

       Also, please be aware that lambskin, etc. condoms are NOT appropriate substitutions for latex or poly. While they are somewhat efficacious at preventing pregnancy, they do NOTHING to retard STD transmission. Unless you're and your partner are clean and manogamous, don't use 'em!!!
djanaba, Jul 15 2001

       Unabubba - not those wooden bead ones I hope.
Gordon Comstock, Jul 16 2001

       That one's baked too, although not quite so profoundly, at the same place. Click on 'textured' at the top. Never tried them, myself...   

       Read something once that was a bit of a rant about condoms by a woman...She said that if a woman invented the condom it'd've been padded...
StarChaser, Jul 16 2001

       Quite bizarre to find myself endorsing someone else's product, but I've had this conversation enough times and always said the same thing: Durex Featherlite is better than anything else I've tried. They have a smell, but it's nothing like rubber, and is not a problem smell to have on your, er, skin... vaguely chocolatey, but not in a way that you would put *** New! Improved! Chocolate Flavoured! **** on the packet. Just a tasteful smell/odour/fragrance. None of those words seem appropriate.
AllenGrace, Jul 17 2001

       Who needs condoms, anyway? (See link.)
angel, Jul 17 2001

       After all these suggestions I think I choose cybersex... BTW, how much condoms did Durex give you, AllenGrace, a family-pack?
BartJan, Jul 18 2001

       No, AllenGrace is right. Featherlites are the way forward. They don't stand up to a completely unlimited amount of bouncing, bumping, grinding, groaning, romping, rogering, swinging and shaking though. And I've never noticed any smell.

<obligatory "it's-so-long-since-I..." post>
lewisgirl, Jul 20 2001

       Durex also has banana, orange and strawberry scented 'party balloons'...Condom Country doesn't show the Featherlites, though...
StarChaser, Jul 21 2001

       Wear synchronised swimmers type nose plugs and you'll smell nothing at all.
DaveSt, Aug 25 2001

       A friend of mine had an even better idea. Almost perfect, if not perfect. Dick-flavored condoms. Natural smell of a healthy penis. God, he's a genius.
dandarie, Aug 25 2001

       What dandarie? You mean cheese and onion flavour?
DaveSt, Aug 26 2001

       I wash. And I know nothing about the taste. Is your name really Dave?
dandarie, Aug 26 2001

       Use cling film instead.....its made ..'One size fits all' and it keeps everything fresh ....although having the appearance of a bank robber on a job :-)
Hotpot, Aug 27 2001

       You sound like you talk from experience Hotpot.. stick 'em up...
DaveSt, Sep 02 2001

       How about tobacco-flavored condoms, so she doesn't have to smoke afterwards?
disbomber, Apr 09 2005

       I smell frustration!
po, Apr 09 2005


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