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[Dec 10 2010, last modified Oct 05 2014]
 Coffee Bar
(+7) Detachable Six Pack Rings
 Detachable Slider Smartphones
(+2) Frivolous Lawsuits TV Show
(+1) Gaming Ereader
(-2) Internet Vending Machine
(+3, -1) Massively Multiplayer Offline Game
(+1) Microwave Restaurant
 Newsletter Toilet Paper
 No Crust Pizza
(+3, -2) Omelette Ready Eggs
(+2) One Handed Portable Game Console
(+3) Open Source Burger
(+3) Over the Shoulder Grocery Bags
(+4, -1) Packaged Soft Serve Ice Cream
(-3) Pizza Reheater
 Plumbers With Overalls
(+1, -2) Smartbeeper
(+2) Soda Flavor Capsules
(+4) Subscription Based PC Game Client
 Tablet Gaming System
(+3) The Commercial Channel
(-1) Touchscreen Gamepad
 Universal Gamepad
(-1) Visual Flash Drive

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