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Mentadentish* Mustard/Ketchup dispencer.
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*not a word. (linky)

Has anyone ever seen the mentadent toothpaste despencer? It has a white section and a blue one, it stands up in a hardshell. you push on the top and the two squeeze out of the same hole simultaneously. I suppose this is not the indended outcome, but if you push too much on either side, you'll get more white than blue, or visa versa.

Some people like more ketchup than mustard, or more mustard than ketchup. So, this is my idea. Mentamustup is a prepackaged canister with seperate mustard and ketchup modules that dispence in exactly the same fashion as the mentadent canister. Very user friendly.

daseva, Jun 22 2005

Whadatoothpaste canister! http://www.streetgu...s/mentadentcrew.jpg
Inside that big thing is two columns, one filled with bile, the other with truth serum. How much of each would you like, little employees? [daseva, Jun 22 2005]

Seems like the same thing with relish Hot_20Dog_20Spread
sorta [blissmiss, Jun 22 2005]


       What linky? +
DesertFox, Jun 22 2005

       Ahhh that linky :)
DesertFox, Jun 22 2005

       We've done this before. Not sure if it survived the great crash. Almost exactly like this, if memory serves me.
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       I was wondering... but, the good doctor suggested I post it, soo...   

       If anything, a great call to list the two liquids you'd like dispenced on those little employees. And, choose your ratios!
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       //call to list the two liquids you'd like dispenced //
If that's all it is, it should be [m-f-d].
angel, Jun 22 2005

       Now, now [angel]. That is quite a last resort. I've been looking around, and I don't smell anything baking...
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       //Why not just make separate bottle openings, but in the same bottle.//   

       Wes, Mar 03 2001
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       Hey, [bliss], did wes imply that the two bottle openings would fuse? that's the ticket!
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       I thought this was great in an anno. and I hadn't seen anything like it either pre/post crash, hence I suggested [daseva] post it. It's distinct from Hot Dog Spread and superior in that the ketchup and mustard are held in separate containers rather than being pre-mixed. This allows the user to set their preferred ketchup/mustard ratio. [+] as promised.

I'd suggest distinguishing it further by adding a dial a bit like a temperature control on a shower with red fading into yellow rather than blue. This dial could adjust the apertures on the ketchup and mustard chambers, then when the button is pressed constant pressure is applied and the varying aperture size controls the quantity.
DocBrown, Jun 23 2005


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