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Mitochondrial modulator linked to addressing siRNA cures most everything

What if you could notice which tissues were reproducing hyper rapidly or making lots of viruses then turned the mitochondrial activity of those cytes way up (weapon) or way down (cure) This is accomplishable with siRNA(link)siRNA or siRNA(link)antibody that find novelty then release the siRNA that modulate mitochondrial function
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What if you could notice which tissues were reproducing hyper rapidly (cancer) or making lots of viruses (active virus) then turned the mitochondrial activity of those tissues cytes way down (cure) or way up (weapon)

curing cancer This is accomplishable with siRNA to common nucleotides produced at an oncocyte that is linked to siRNA to mitochondrial activity transciption control nucleotides

When the siRNA (or antibody) to the naughty part attaches it changes the conformation of the linked molecule to permit the siRNA to be functional (kind of like a zubble chalcone) or better it actually divides the molecule to diffuse the siRNA to mitochondria right at the area

With viruses the siRNA (or antibody) gloms onto the viral surface proteins or unique surface proteins of an nfected cyte then thus bringing the siRNA that changes the mitochondrial output with it

If you think viruses are beneficial then a compound that turns up the output of the mitochondria makes more energy making more viruses per infected cyte If theres a way to get the virus to produce the siRNA then the infection actually amplifies its infectivity each generation

if you are opposed to viruses then siRNA to the mitochondrial energy production reduces the amount of virus particles that are produced

There is also form of this where you use light to activate the link between the siRNA to the locational siRNA or antibody That way you could dose the entire person yet just shine the light at the part to be cured to minimize side effects

beanangel, Jul 01 2010


       Even the bits I understand are wrong!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 01 2010

       + for the other bits.
po, Jul 01 2010


       "Even the bits I understand are wrong"
normzone, Jul 01 2010


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