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mosquito mobile

Mosquitos form swarms, make a calderesque mobile of micropoints to attract them, then poison, vacuum, or laser them
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Gnats congregate together in a swarm, and I read that mosquitos do too.

As a way to control or reduce malaria causing mosquitos a calderesque mobile of very tiny points could be hung in one corner of a room and coated with poison. mosquitos entering the room would join the artificial swarm and be poisoned.

Now the really interesting thing is how mosquitos identify a swarm. Is it a visual thing or a chemoreceptor thing? If it is a chemoreceptor thing then this likely could be a mosquito attractant for regular traps. If it is a visual thing then you could use a poison mobile to attract them and wipe them out.

beanangel, Feb 14 2018

mosquito swarms https://www.google....CQ&q=mosquito+swarm
[beanangel, Feb 15 2018]

mesquite swarms Mesquite_20Gunpowder
[normzone, Feb 15 2018]


       //Now the really interesting thing is how mosquitos identify a swarm.// That is a very good point.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2018

       OK, according to the Internet, gnats swarm to mate, and are attracted to sex hormones produced by females. So, what you want is not so much a mobile as a gob of female gnatmone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2018

       I wonder how effective it would be to spray Washington with a crop-duster filled with mosquito pheromones...
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2018

       A mobile composed of ultrafine rigid bars, and strands of spider silk - each one with a mosquito irreversibly attached to the end - would be a delight.   

       Sit back and watch them all buzz round helplessly, desperately hungry and slowly starving to death. Joyous.
8th of 7, Feb 14 2018

       A life-sucking hegemonic swarm... I would think there would be some mutual admiration...
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2018

       What [Ian] said.
pertinax, Feb 15 2018

       // hegemonic //   

       Mosquitos definitely aren't hegemonic. They have no organizational structure at all.   

       Social insects like ants and bees are a little better, but not much. Their lack of interstellar travel capability and directed-energy weaponry really does put them right at the bottom rung of the ladder.   

       Which is good, from their point of view, because (a) we hate any sort of competition, (b) we're at the top of the ladder, and (c) it's our ladder.
8th of 7, Feb 15 2018

       Jacob was just renting it for awhile, then?
RayfordSteele, Feb 15 2018

       put up a [link] to swarming mosquitos. There are references online that say the malaria mosquito Anopheles swarms as well.
beanangel, Feb 15 2018

       I like this idea. It is definitely worth baking. As for the comment by 8th about insects and interstellar travel...well... there are some super creepy insects appearing in various places around the globe, and not necessarily in deep jungles, either. In urban places, weird, stringy insectoids have been seen, as well as some very suspiciously alien-like moths ...check out 'weird moths' ...unfortunately i dont have the excact link...But speaking of moths, which i happen to detest, someone has already designed a fully baked moth trap pyramid. Its a very simple, self-assembled cardboard pyramidial cylindar with moth pheromones in it and a wonderfully sticky inner surface which basically , excuse my french, fucks the moth up irrevocably.
Edie, Feb 15 2018

       Oh, and Rayford Steele? About Jacob's ladder. The Jacob I'm thinking of has just this day had to give up his ladder to heaven. He had it good, and was climbing fast, only to lose it all at the last minute. Lucky for him, really. Those pesky ladders (and stairways, incidentally) never actually reach the top....
Edie, Feb 15 2018


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