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Human mounting brackets, with all necessary support elements.
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Become a stationary creature, in the most literal sense of the phrase. A system of springs and pulleys keeps you in a comfortable position. A large sum of money deposited beforehand to Liquid Delicacies, Inc. ensures regular shipments of nourishing material deposited in the machine's hopper weekly. The relevant opening is located behind an opaque folding blind, such that unnecessary human contact is prevented. A terminal is easily accessable within the fixture and moves as you move; a high-bandwidth connection is perpetually active. The returns from your investment in the slave-market are direct-deposited toward the payment of your electricity bills.
dsm, Dec 31 2000


       I thought by the name "moorings" you would be extolling the promise of 4th millenium autopsies upon peatrified mummies of our contemporaries that are to be tossed into bogs worldwide in the near future. Is that what you meant?
reensure, Dec 31 2000

       The description *does* sound remarkably like being caught in a bog... sans the death bit.
badoingdoing, Dec 31 2000

       Done to death in Cold War-era sci-fi writing - usually the plan involved "neural hookups" so you could experience "sensory movies" of some fantasy life far more interesting than your own while your body was housed with hundreds of thousands of others in converted subway tunnels and such. Totalitarian technothugs take over the world while the prostrate senso-addicted citizens dream they're famous adventurers having sex with Miss America...
geack_1, Aug 25 2003

       The Matrix !
riskyrisk, Oct 17 2003

       so your saying you would like to live your life like a vegetable?
i-Mer, Dec 08 2003


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