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Milk Mate

A simpler way to buy milk
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Choice of milk fat percentage can divide a family. I prefer 1% milk, my wife likes 2%, my mother-in-law drinks only skim when she visits, and the baby gets whole. So we might have up to four different types of milk in the fridge at once, and keeping track of which type we need to buy can be a hassle.

Enter the Milk Mate brand milk fat selector. The unit screws onto a pair of half-gallon or gallon size milk jugs. You simply buy skim and whole (4%) milk, and attach a jug of each type. A dial on the neck allows you to adjust the balance and thus the fat content. Just select your preferred type of milk and pour.

ytk, May 27 2013

Wikipeda: Homogenization http://en.wikipedia...ization_(chemistry)
One possible problem. [rcarty, May 27 2013]

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       We usually just get 1% instead of 2%, because that's what the kids drink and there's not that big a difference. But the baby has to drink whole (and we use whole for cooking), and my mother-in-law visits quite frequently, and she will only drink skim. I won't drink whole or skim myself. If all we have is whole and skim, I'll usually just combine them 3-to-1 to make 1%, which was the genesis of this idea.
ytk, May 27 2013

       Ha, right, biglsleep FTW. This is a really great halfbaked idea.
rcarty, May 27 2013

       I'd definitely try blending whole milk with water to see if it has suitable results. By ''I'd'' I mean you should.
rcarty, May 27 2013

       //and my mother-in-law visits quite frequently//   

       <obligatory Office Space co-mingled with Michael Crichton's Disclosure reference</> fix the glitch
theircompetitor, May 27 2013

       If 1l of 4% milk contains 40ml of fat and 960ml of water, then to get 1% your invention would have to pour 250ml of 4% and add 750ml of water which would be 10ml milk fat and 990ml water. Seems easy enough to do with adjustible openings regulating flow rates. The spout should designed to swirl the output to blend it. Although, there might be a problem with homogenization [link].
rcarty, May 27 2013

       Powdered milk...   

       It's really your only option now.   

       You can't adjust the milk fat percentage by adding water, because milk isn't just fat and water—if that were the case, skim milk would be pure water. Milk also contains considerable amounts of sugar (lactose) and non-fat solids (calcium, protein, etc.). You can adjust the milk fat percentage by blending whole and skim milk though, which is essentially what they do at the dairy.   

       Homogenization isn't really a problem, since you're mixing two homogenized milks together evenly. Even if they did have a tendency to separate (which I'm pretty sure they wouldn't), they wouldn't do so before you can drink the milk you've poured or finish your cereal.
ytk, May 28 2013

       Don't forget the chocolate spigot.
FlyingToaster, May 28 2013

       I thought the title was Milk Máte. Like milk tea, only it's served at places with argentine rather than asian teenagers. Optionally available with whatever the argentine equivalents of tapioca balls are.
fishboner, Jun 03 2013

       I was born in a dairy farm. When we needed milk we just went to the milk tank and filled the jug. My dad liked the creamy milk so he scooped from the top but others used the tap on the bottom. Easy!
Pellepeloton, Jun 03 2013

       Is Maine the only place where 1 1/2% milk is available? With all of these preferences bouncing around I was surprised not to see at least one other 'baker who shared mine.
Alterother, Jun 03 2013

       ne'er heard of 1.5% so yes. I wouldn't mind trying it since I'm okay with 2% (or 1% cold filtered just barely)
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2013

       I was thinking more in terms of 0% milk delivered with a small container of 100% fat. That way you only have to add tiny amounts, then shake.
wagster, Jun 08 2013

       100% would be ghee, which wouldn't mix with skim milk. You could probably use 60% or so - basically, heavy cream.
spidermother, Jun 09 2013


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