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Poop-a-pult Beach Skeet

A new collaborative extreme water sport that keeps our beaches clean
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One of the funniest sights at the beach is dog owners walking along with little plastic bags full of doggie doo. Many of these same owners also have a long plastic tool for hurling tennis balls for their canine companion.

The Poop-a-pult Beach Skeet eliminates the humiliation of walking or jogging with that "baggy" by allowing dog owners to pick up doggie doo with a special long handled scoop and hurl it into the sea. But rather than just allowing the waste to sink to the bottom, this is actually a game! Surfers, armed with water cannons are ready to blast the projectiles out of the sky.

This game would encourage dog owners to keep the beach clean and would also provide a new extreme water sport. Thus promoting synergistic collaboration between beach users who are normally antagonistic.

lingamish, Aug 12 2006


       Don't go swimming. Stay away from the high tide line, too.
david_scothern, Aug 12 2006

       And why do I care if the surfers have water cannons with which to shoot the shit that I shall rain down upon them? I mean, cool if they choose to play the game that way but as far as I am concern the game stops once I've flung my poo.   

       Oooh, I feel so primal!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 13 2006

       This would probably violate a handful of local laws and ordinances...in one shot.
sartep, Aug 13 2006

       My kids immediately morphed the game and wanted to throw projectiles at the surfers.
lingamish, Aug 13 2006

       [lingamish]… //immediately morphed the game//   

       … you mean you actually did try this at the beach?   

       Did the surfers respond with the synergistic collaboration that you anticipated? Were the dog owners encouraged to keep the beach clean?
Frankx, Jul 14 2021

       Do the shooters holler "Pull!" or "Poo!"?
whatrock, Jul 14 2021


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