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Mobius Loop Administration Association

Association of government administrator offices that administer the next administration office...
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...whose sole task is to administrate the next administration office and so on.

These would be real buildings filled with real people getting real taxpayer money.

1- The National Administration Counsil would review, lend assistance to and advise...

2- The Association of Administrators who would advise, oversee and control...

3- The Counsil of Administration Associations who would control acquisitions and certifications regarding the...

4- People's Cooperative Of Management Affiliates who oversees...

5- The National Administration Counsil.

And so it goes. More agencies could be added as the average IQ of the nation plummets and fewer and fewer people might ask what these agencies actually accomplish. Anybody doing so would simply be told they are worse than Hitler and called a racist so "business" could continue as usual.

I think this might already be baked.

doctorremulac3, Apr 04 2017

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