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Monitor Corkboard

Replaces sticky notes with pushpins
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I use sticky notes, lots of them and I generally attach them to the edges of my monitor for quick reference. The problem is that many sticky notes, including the Big Name Brand Originals, don't stick well to plastics, and quickly fall off the monitor.

I've an idea for a cork board attachment for your monitor. A simple frame that you purchase by size and attach using an adhesive tape. The cork board itself would be about 2 inches wide, and thick enough to suitably attach a note to with standard push pins.

Alternatively, monitor manufacturers may want to adapt my idea and build the cork board into the monitor as an extra feature.

Noexit, Jan 20 2010

How to Bake this Idea http://www.unplggd....your-monitor-048251
They suggest covering the cork board wth fabric to make it look nicer. [Aristotle, Jan 20 2010]

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       See link for pre-existing instructions on how to do this.
Aristotle, Jan 20 2010

       Paint your monitor surround in gloss white enamel and use whiteboard markers
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 24 2010

       Or, using your keyboard type your note into a text editor and save it on your desktop, or use the rename file feature.
rcarty, Jan 24 2010

       Yes, but what f you're in Management ? So, you've dropped down out of your tree, and just about mastered fire and the use of knapped flint tools. You have even managed to clothe yourself in animal skins, some of which have even been removed from their owners. But this is going a little far, shirley ?   

       "Thag Executive Vice-President b'long Marketing. Thag make mark on cave wall with burnt stick. "   

       Omnes: "OOOOH ! Thag plenty strong big Ju-Ju !"   

       <much grovelling>
8th of 7, Jan 24 2010

       As per [rcarty], there are many freeware Sticky Notes type programs available, to put virtual sticky notes on your screen.
<aside rant> Paper notes... who uses paper anymore? I sketch diagrams in Paint (or something better if required), write notes in Notepad. I copy webpages to my phone instead of printing them... Crap. I AM a geek, aren't I? /<a r>
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 24 2010

       // I AM a geek, aren't I? //   

       You're getting there.   

       // who uses paper anymore? //   

       Those who gain pleasure from observing combustion processes ...
8th of 7, Jan 24 2010


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