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Newsletter Toilet Paper

Interactive toilet paper
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Some people like to bring a marker or pen to keep themselves entertained while doing number two, and I thought they could be entertained with the toilet paper, this toilet paper would feature printed news, fun facts, comics, horoscopes, jokes, as well as games like Sudoku, crossword, mazes, spot the difference, etc.
appdirect, Aug 08 2014


       "Just the FAX, ma'am" said Sargent Friday as he headed toward the baño.
popbottle, Aug 08 2014

       If you Google "puzzle toilet paper", "toilet paper novel" (or indeed "x toilet paper" where "x" = Sudoku, novel, maze, puzzle, word-search etc) you will find quite a lot of these things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 09 2014

       Thought it was too good to not have been baked, but was too lazy to look. Thanks MB.
blissmiss, Aug 09 2014

       Excellent place for advertising
piluso, Aug 11 2014

       Did manage to score some Hello Kitty loo paper, and an official product too..strange
not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2014


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