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Nitrous Masks

Combination oxygen/nitrous oxide masks on airliners
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Those oxygen masks on commercial airliners that drop down in front of you "should we experience a loss of cabin pressure" are somewhat reassuring, but let's face it... unless you're Payne Stewart, how much is depressurization really a problem?

800 MPH, fiery, out of control, engine-losing, terror-inducing dives straight into the ground are really a lot more common. And when you find yourself in that sort of situation a little O2 ain't gonna cut it.

At times like that, wouldn't you really rather take a big gulp of nitrous oxide? Over and over again-- until you're floating so high you really don't care that you're about to be smashed into atoms in an awful plane crash?!?

vansloot, Jul 05 2001

Portable and adaptable, for blissmiss. http://www.fromorbi...drutter/nitrous.htm
Enjoy. [StarChaser, Jul 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Can I get this in my house?
AfroAssault, Jul 05 2001

       and when the masks fall out aphex twin or squarepusher blasts over the cabin speakers?   

       incidentally, you cant buy nitrous bulbs in melbourne, which is kinda weird as it being such a raver high and there being so many ravers down here . .
benfrost, Jul 05 2001

       [Rods]: Dial the cricket scores; they'll make you laugh.
angel, Jul 05 2001

       wow rodstiger, you sound like you're on nitrous. .that annotation is really on track!
benfrost, Jul 05 2001

       Force all 1/2bakers to have these infront of our computers. If an idea is marked as comedy they drop down and we HAVE to laugh...   

       Also they could anesthetise you when you click on one of those realy long and painful theads - gun control, vernon-physics etc.
RobertKidney, Jul 05 2001

       It also guarantees lots of croissants...
phoenix, Aug 27 2001

       You know what would make this a really great lawsuit? Imagine when a plane that lost pressure actually lands safely but perhaps an engine catches on fire and the family finds out that their relative was too doped up to flee the burning aircraft!!
rudiedude, Sep 16 2001

       If you don't give the freight, sorry, passengers the oxygen masks on cabin decompression, then they soon get high anyway (hypoxia) and don't care about being smashed to little pieces. I've done it in a chamber, and someone else had to put my mask on me - I knew I needed O2, but it in my mind it wasn't urgent.... At typical cruising altitudes, you get about 30 seconds before you would simply not be able to put the mask on.
drew, May 16 2002


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