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[normzone] declares free agency

Grind processes and pour improvements over them
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I'll pull this in a week or so, since it serves no value to the forum. As always, my appreciation for this forum goes beyond words.

The outfit I've been working with has a new corporate parent, and the process of rearranging the management is underway. Marketing and Engineering were the first to be reshuffled, and this week they got around to Quality Assurance.

I had a good run (4.5 years), can't complain.

So I'm a free agent, looking for a new team to play for. Not locked into just doing QA - I'm open to other opportunities as long as I'm helping the outfit improve.

Resume available on request, I'm on LinkedIn as Norman Lutes.

Thanks for reading.

normzone, Mar 04 2018

Well bust my crackers, maybe they do? https://www.youtube...watch?v=PIM75j53k4g
[RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2018]


       Good luck man. You're a smart dude, you'll reel in a good position.   

       As far as moving on, here in Silicon Valley if you work at a company for more than a few years you get a rep for being un-ambitious. If you're a long term company man people say "Five years at the same company? What's the matter with you?"   

       There might be some logic to that.
doctorremulac3, Mar 04 2018

       Hey, [norm] - you have my sympathies, and I hope something good happens soon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2018

       But... what about birdstrike?
<hangs head in shame>

       'luck bud.   

       I appreciate your bringing that up ['fries] - I was loath to do it but it needed to be done.   

       I'm having some cards made up - now I'll have to resist having a " Birdstrike Consulting " logo created.
normzone, Mar 04 2018

       Sounds like a good opportunity for a pay raise somehow.   

       Relocatable or no?   

       Same boat here.
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2018

       Good luck.
pertinax, Mar 04 2018

       Birds don’t ride trikes. What a silly notion.
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2018

       Good luck. I've never understood how people get these "job" things.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2018

       best wishes [norm]

(also, as an aside, that thing about looking unambitious if you don't move jobs every 2 years really annoys me - it may be true, but it assumes being unambitious is a fault. In fact all organisations need people who stay put and are really good at their jobs)
hippo, Mar 05 2018

       <High Fives normzone>
Congratulations on your freedom norm. I recently got notice of my own impending freedom too. Onward & upward, eh?
DrBob, Mar 05 2018

       No unrealized inklings,those back of the mind dreams? The chance is here to make that massive leap into the unknown.   

       Anyway, whatever the path, I hope your choices lend to a richer deeper life experience.
wjt, Mar 05 2018

       There are three Norman Lutes on Linkedin.
Voice, Mar 07 2018

       [bigsleep], do you get any joy from freelancer.com, or similar? I've not tried them myself, but I'm curious.
pertinax, Mar 09 2018

       After over a month without contact from them, apparently I'm still in the running for the job I want the most. (automotive battery engineer)   

       Update: they still need to get the CEO to create the req.   

       But I'm now off the market. Keep your chin up, norm.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2018

       " There are three Norman Lutes on Linkedin. — Voice, Mar 06 2018 "   

       It shows three when you search for me, but that's just my one account being reflected in three different mirrors per the Linkedin software.   

       Thanks all ...   

       As for the moving jobs every couple of years, sometimes that applies (rapidly changing fields), other times less so (stable outfits and fields, plenty of work to be done and fiscal incentives).
normzone, Mar 21 2018

       Leave production, and, god save you, no more of QA or customer responsiveness.   

       I mean 'people with problems' ... blearrrgh ... keep them as references.   

       Good luck, for sure. May your day come quickly.
reensure, Mar 21 2018

       I don't know if I could do a different trade without some serious rehab - If I became a bartender, I'd forever be hunting for the root cause(s) of each spilled drink, and working to make the rocks glass more stable.   

       Waiting too long for a drink? Unacceptable - let's lean that process out.
normzone, Mar 21 2018

       Automotive is generally hiring engineering talent. Are you open to moving?
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2018

       I'm open to the possibility - in my QA geek forums, my colleagues who complain the loudest are in automotive (IATF something-or-other), as opposed to aerospace AS9100 or medical 13485.   

       I wager headlines like " recalls fifteen million cars " come with some traceability and supplier control baggage.
normzone, Mar 22 2018

       There’s always advanced quality, supplier quality, and quality in the supply base as well.   

       Want me to send you some headhunters?
RayfordSteele, Mar 22 2018

       Happy early, semi/unplanned retirement.
blissmiss, Mar 22 2018


       After a spell of consulting and debauchery, I am on deck to straighten out one of my consulting clients as a regular full time employee.   

       Now if I can only remember how to delete this idea ...
normzone, Dec 02 2019

       Hey, congratulations [norm]!
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2019

       Yea, good for you man.   

       No need to take this down, just change the title to "Process For Normzone Getting A New Job".
doctorremulac3, Dec 02 2019

       Yay for you, Norm. And hopefully all those others who were about to lose their gig too, back then. Ya'll should have formed a large boyband or something.
blissmiss, Dec 03 2019

       Did you just assume their gender?... they could be the HalfSpice Girls.   

       You don't know.   

       Its possible to form a band without performing in it.
pocmloc, Dec 03 2019

       Please forgive my error in judgement, fries. I stand corrected. (Boy/girl band). There, happy now? Wait, how do you know they're Spicey? They could be bland, for that matter. Hahaha
blissmiss, Dec 04 2019

       " Ya'll should have formed a large boyband or something — blissmiss "   

       We did, we're still working in the studio.   

       " Its possible to form a band without performing in it. - pocmloc "   

       That's why we're still in the studio.
normzone, Dec 04 2019

       I hear 8th is always looking for a lab assistant...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 04 2019

       I think that's spelled l-a-b r-a-t.
normzone, Dec 04 2019

       I have since formed a Devo tribute band, here in the city of Escondido - we are called "EsconDevo".   

       I lack the discipline to learn songs at this writing, so we will not be performing.
normzone, Apr 11 2022

       Well, appropriate enough because DEVO doesn't perform anymore either. As far as I know.   

       DEVO ruled by the way.
doctorremulac3, Apr 11 2022

       Lip sync and air guitar. You got this.
21 Quest, Apr 11 2022

       And as somebody who used to make his living touring the world playing an instrument and singing for a living in his youth, DEVO songs can be learned and played on day 1 of picking up an instrument. That's part of their charm.   

       DEVO songs make AC/CD songs look like Bach fugues.
doctorremulac3, Apr 11 2022

       Doctor, are you a famous musician celebrity hanging out here? Are we your groupies? just kidding.   

       Norm, good to see you. I like 21's idea.
blissmiss, Apr 11 2022

       I'm a "famous" former musician. Still get royalty checks though. Fan mail and even the occasional present now and then too.   

       But I'm the groupie here. (platonic relationship of course)   

       //I like 21's idea.// Agreed, I'd totally pay to see your DEVO lip syncing band. I also went to bun this and see that I already had.
doctorremulac3, Apr 11 2022

       // I'll pull this in a week or so, since it serves no value //   

       Whatever for? I mean, isn't that why we're all here? You should put in for a raise and a corner office. Well done, carry on. Bun.   

       ::wanders away, confused at being confused ::
whatrock, Apr 12 2022

       I also remember being confused about bunning or boning this. Brother was out of work, my bun was a celebration, a vote of encouragement, could it be taken as a "Ha ha! Sucks to be you!"?   

       Damn you bun/bone dilemma! How many days have I gone without sleep because of you!
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       (( This space reserved for witty comeback by [8th] when he finishes solving all the world's problems with [Max] and deigns to look back here ))
whatrock, Apr 12 2022

       My God, after looking for Ukrainian-American musicians in Wikipedia, I've just realized that [Doc] is either Michael Bolton or Bob Dylan! Maybe we should just give him Office Space.
4and20, Apr 12 2022

       Just making it all up 4. I'm a milk man from Nebraska. Been doing it all my life. Most boring life you've ever heard of.   

       Oh, except one time I saw a blimp.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       LOL! Oh boy, a1 remembers my bullshit. Sigh.   

       I made that up too.   

       I really would love to have a hot dog stand though. I'm not being silly. Don't think "Doctorremulac3's Curiously Flavor Infused "Hot Dogs" ? would be very popular though.   

       Doctorremulac3's Dogs of Heat? Hmm. Sounds like dogs IN heat. Not super appetizing. Gonna let that dream go I think.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       Well, I'm just gettin' started, but I have room to grow.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       //[Doc] is either Michael Bolton or Bob Dylan! //   

       Huh... I had him pegged as more of a Sammy Hagar in my head.
Either way, he's no Nana Mouskouri.

       Ronnie Montrose offered me the gig to replace Sammy Hagar in the Montrose reunion band. I turned it down and was glad I did. I went to see a show and afterwards backstage I talked to the guy who took the job. When I asked how it was he said "I listen to assholes screaming "WHERE'S SAMMY!" all night, every night." I had a development deal on the table from Capital records at the time that I was considering so I had my eyes on bigger things anyway.   

       This is all made up stuff though. One thing that's NOT a lie though is that indeed, I am no Nan Mouskouri. That part is true.   

       Possibly true, possibly false, the first concert I ever went to was Montrose. My dad drove me as I was just a kid. I remember looking at the beautiful woman, Ronnie's girlfriend, perched on the edge of backstage so everybody could see her. She was so beautiful it was like beams of light were radiating from here. Then I looked at Ronnie, then I looked at her and did the math. Ronnie wasn't a bad looking guy I guess, but the message was clear, this gal was a goddess, guitars get you chicks. That revelation changed my life.   

       And in my lie, I can say that many years later, when I stood in the living room of the little hovel I used to live in playing and singing Rock Candy, a song I had watched that night, only this time with Ronnie Montrose right there on guitar jamming with me, (one of my favorite songs so I could absolutely tear it up) it was a bit like a dream. By the way, back to my first concert experience, Sammy had already went on to start his solo career at that point so it was another guy doing his part at the show that night. I remember thinking "Hey, I bet I could do that!".   

       Be nice if that was true eh?   

       Ronnie is also featured as a guest on one of my songs. And to continue my farce, although I never met Sammy, a buddy of mine who worked with him said he was one of the coolest guys he ever met. They got to talking about wine, Sammy was a big vino expert, (started a multi million dollar tequila company many years later) and next day he brought a multi thousand dollar bottle of wine to the studio and gave it to him.   

       That's a lie too. This whole statement is actually full of lies, but THAT statement is true.   

       Oops! Light changed, gotta get this milk delivered.
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2022

       Well... so far my biggest brush with fame is having the one-hit-wonder guy from Idol Eyes who sang Tokyo Rose stay here for a while.
I'm sure if I actually knew who you were I'd be fan-boy gushing all over myself to ingratiate myself to remain in your good books in hopes of an autograph...
...or I wouldn't care less and just carry on as normal.

       You couldn't pay me enough to want to be famous.   

       Weird thing is, I don't even understand myself why that is. it's just my bent.
You just couldn't.

       Heh, by all means try to though...   

       I've thought about what constitutes fame a lot and I'm definitely not famous, not even close. Famous is being featured on the general news when you die, it's that simple. Gilbert Gottfried is famous.   

       But if I were to grovel before the golden idol of acclaim it would be with this story that's based on something that may or may not even be true. (seriously now) The A&R person for Queen told me Freddie Mercury was a a big fan of my music. Freddie Mercury was my hero and when I think about that, even now I get a bit emotional, but to this day I have no verification that was even true, other than why would that person lie to me? They didn't have anything to gain, seems like a weird thing to say to somebody unprompted and out of the blue. (Yes, they were definitely the A&R person for Queen, it was at a get together at the offices of Queen's record label.) Part of me doesn't even want to explore that because what if one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me never actually happened? I leave that in the twilight between reality and dreams.
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2022

       I sometimes contemplate looking for help getting work here. Then I realize that I'm not popular due to speaking my mind.
Voice, Apr 13 2022

       Well, voice your opinion, right or wrong, take the blows that come from doing so and consider yourself lucky you live in a country where there's still some remnants of freedom of speech.   

       That's my two cents anyway.   

       And for whatever it's worth I like you V.
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2022

       Not original, can't remember the source:   

       - So, Mr [v], what would you say was your greatest strength?
- Honesty, and speaking my mind.
- Excellent, I think that is very admirable.
- I don't give a shit what you think.
pocmloc, Apr 13 2022

       //Then I realize that I'm not popular due to speaking my mind.//   

       You're fine; as the tagline reminds us, it's Not the Happy Cuddle Club.   

       Now drink up your scotch, and don't forget to hydrate before you go to bed. We can bicker again another day.
pertinax, Apr 13 2022

       It's the Cappy Huddle Club. Cappy meaning like "capping on somebody". Somebody? Anybody? How'd those crickets get in here?
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2022

       If Farrokh Bulsara says he digs your stuff that's a pretty massive kudo dude.
If whomever told you this didn't have an ulterior motive, even just lifting your spirits that day because you seemed glum, then I think you're safe to assume that what you were told was true.

       Cool possible story.   

       Didn't know the A&R guy, he was introduced to me by my A&R person as the A&R guy for Queen. I was in a great mood, probably drunk (I was most of the time back then) and it was just a party environment, everybody was having fun.   

       Thought about it a lot (too much) if he WAS making it up, what a weird blend of kindness and evil eh? The L.A.music industry is very small, everybody knows each other. My manager would take me aside and give me the skinny (and gossip) on everybody in the room. I think if you got a reputation for being a bullshitter like that to others in the industry it wouldn't go down too well.   

       But I'll never know for sure. Happy to leave it that way.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       Dee Snider is also Ukrainian. "By 1994 Snider had, by his own admission, 'lost every penny I made. I was riding a bicycle to a desk job for $200 a week answering phones in an office'."
4and20, Apr 14 2022

       Eh, gettin' bored talking about myself. Let's hear somebody else's life stories. I'm boring.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       I find self-proclaimed boring people so fascinating! Do tell us all in great detail how and why you consider yourself boring!
pocmloc, Apr 15 2022

       Actually I take back the boring comment. I did see that blimp once.
doctorremulac3, Apr 15 2022

       I have no interest in blimps whatsoever, sorry.   

       Anyone here want to talk about having dirt on their shoes? When did you last hoover the hall floor? No? Maybe I'll go and comb my hair again.
pocmloc, Apr 15 2022


       . . . . . . @   

pocmloc, Apr 16 2022

       C'mon man, zeppelins are the single coolest things ever. Basically a flying skyscraper.   

       And keep in mind, these things were flying when people were driving Model Ts.   

       I think you're just jealous because I saw that blimp. That's why everybody calls me "That blimp guy". Yes, I weigh a little over 400 pounds but I'm pretty sure they're referring to my main accomplishment in life, seeing a blimp. (Although it's weird how they know about that. Guess word got around.)
doctorremulac3, Apr 16 2022

       Yawn. Oh look it's 18:18
pocmloc, Apr 16 2022


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