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Sausage Link Condom

Weenie X 3
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A longer condom for fun and games, it has three sections like tied-off sausage links. Before mounting, blow up the two forward sections. One-way valves ensure even and stable pressure. Roll on and impress and pleasure your partner with longer lovemaking. The extended rubber can also be folded twice to fulfill an especially spacious nooky nook.

Still not enough kinks in your sex life? Try on the fifteen link super sausage with instructions for folding and twisting a poodle or giraffe, standing on a cock’s head.

FarmerJohn, Sep 14 2003

A satisfied customer! http://www.geocitie...ohnnie/sausage.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Bwuaha! You weird person. Where on earth did you find that picture?
RoboBust, Sep 14 2003

       The first correct guess gets a rubber-wrapped chorizo.
FarmerJohn, Sep 14 2003

       its a fake, the shadow is in the wrong position relative to the sun and the time of year.
po, Sep 14 2003

       Wow, it's been a strange week at the halfbakery. I'm guessing this idea has a lot of similar prior art, if you will, but I'm afraid of what I'd find on google.
oxen crossing, Sep 14 2003

       Oh my...I've never seen such a big sausage on a man [+]
Helium, Sep 14 2003

       I know who that is :)
po, Sep 14 2003

       'Evening ma'am. Ever spent the night with a giant brat'?
Laughs Last, Sep 14 2003

       I never sausage a condom before.
sartep, Sep 15 2003

       John Bobbit's autobiography.
The Missing Link.

       You're all wrong. It's Farmer John's Sausage Links. Ah, Youth (Soccer)!
thumbwax, Sep 15 2003

       You're close: Volleyball, 1983.
FarmerJohn, Sep 15 2003

       Dear [FarmerJohn],
I don't know if you've ever been on the receiving end of a condom that's got air trapped in it? It doesn't make for good nooky (and they're prone to popping). The rubber that condoms are made of isn't sturdy enough to keep to its willy shape. If you have two (or even one) sections of balloon on the end of your todger, you'll just end up squashing them into a different shape with every thrust which will not pleasure your beloved. In fact she'll probably get bored.
I can't see how this would increase pleasure for the fellas either.

       This is going to have to be made out of something other than condom rubber to work.
squeak, Sep 15 2003

       define: receiving end of a condom
po, Sep 15 2003

       O.K. [po]   

       for: "on the receiving end of a condom" read: "wrapped around the outside of a condom.."
squeak, Sep 15 2003

       This is one of the wurst ideas I've ever read.
lintkeeper2, Sep 15 2003

       Nice pic, [FJ], but no bun for your dog.
k_sra, Sep 15 2003

       no comment
squeak, Sep 15 2003

       i before e except after c, and other exceptions like height, weight and beirwurst
lintkeeper2, Sep 15 2003

       [reensure] outrigger?   

       [lintkeeper2] Bierwurst.   

       [C_Trebor] I know what I mean.
squeak, Sep 16 2003

       Best annos ever. But a terrible idea.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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