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Website stores everyone's pizza preferences and creates the (most) perfect pizza.
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Users would log into PizzaPrefs, which could either be a seperate pizza or on a major site like pizzahut.com, and enter in some information about their pizza eating. This would include their favorite pizza toppings, pizza toppings they like (or don't mind), pizza toppings they absolutely hate and will not eat, whether they like thin or thick crust, and how many pizza slices they usually eat.

Then the person ordering the pizza merely checks off which friends of their's is eating the pizza, and PizzaPrefs would generate the most perfect pizza it could, including the number and size of pizzas. No more guessing, no more feeling sorry for the poor girl who didn't tell anyone she was a vegetarian, or hearing mushroom-guy whine about not enough mushrooms.

This could be set up as a seperate website, but I think it would be better as something worked into an online pizza delivery site. It would definitely be something worth advertising (Be a hero: order the perfect pizza for parties).

superultra, Jun 23 2005

Possibly interface with this. Laser_20cut_20pizza
[angel, Jun 23 2005]


       Yep that works for me.
Open up web browser, click on 'large pizza' twice, click on 'add users' and enter names (or select common 'pizza buddies' from the drop down list) until you've listed everybody (guests get listed as a bref set of preferences). Select your location from a drop-down list and monitor the pizza production process from the comfort of your browser.
Geek pizza. Perfect every time.
st3f, Jun 23 2005

       The problem with it being part of a Pizza chain, like Pizza Hut, would be that they would tune the pizza designer to maxmise their sale - Ie probably recommend separate pizza for everyone with all the toppings, where one bigger one (comprimise toppings) would be cheaper....
Minimal, Jun 23 2005

       You should also allow for a preference of pizza suppliers. To me, the difference between toppings I like and don't like is much, much smaller than between bad and acceptable pizza.
jutta, Jun 24 2005

       Good addition Jutta. An independent pizzaprefs would be better than a corporate-ized one. Still, an indie pizzaprefs.com would cost time and money that a pizza chain might have a better time justifying.
superultra, Jun 29 2005

       Sure why not. +
sartep, Jun 29 2005

       Yes yes yes yes yes! Get this working by tonight and there'll be a bright halfpenny bit in it for you [+].
DocBrown, Jun 29 2005


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