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Poop'n'Scoop Tupperware Container

dog poo shaped plastic containers
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Many cities have bylaws requiring pet owners to clean up after their charges on public property. The most common method of complying is to carry around a couple of plastic baggies; when the dogs "do their business" the owner places a hand in the bag, grabs the poo, turns the bag inside out and then spends the next half hour or so looking for a garbage can or open car-window to dispose of the dogcrap they are carrying enwrapped in their hand or have stuffed into a purse or pocket. Apart from inconveniencing the pet-owner and interupting the walk, feces are a hindrance to any garbage recycling efforts.

Carrying around a couple of these teflon-lined clamshell containers allow the pet-owner to one-handedly reach down, enclose the feces and snap the overlapping lid shut without breaking stride; since they're airtight there's no problems with short-term storage in a pocket or purse, and the offending matter can be disposed of in a manner more appropriately (ie: at home or a public restroom toilet).

As a further benefit your pet won't spend alot of time wondering just what the hell you are doing with its poop.

.. available in different sizes and colours; check out our designer line.

FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2009


       There should be disposable linings for it?+
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       //snapping lid// turd in the grass is usually buoyed up a bit by the grass

       //disposable linings// at which point you may as well do the 'baggie' thing and use an already-existing piece of Tupperware.
FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2009

       //turd in the grass is usually buoyed up a bit by the grass//   

       Strikes me as a very funny line for some reason. Very funny.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2009


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