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poop hardener

like crapolatte but responsible
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This gas canister would freeze-harden dog poop so it can be picked up.
Voice, Oct 22 2012

Instant Freeze Sprays http://www.microcar...at-microfreeze.aspx
...are Baked, you just need to remarket them to the pooper scooping brigade. [DrCurry, Oct 24 2012]

CO2 Fire Extinguisher http://www.essentia...mages/T/co2-mri.jpg
[rcarty, Oct 24 2012]

A ton of poop http://www.farmersc...custom.php?id=21023
As of the time of posting it goes for 470 USD/ton [Voice, Dec 26 2013]

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Poop Helium_20Charged_20Dog_20Food
(...or a cat, I suppose...) [Grogster, Dec 28 2013]

Dog poops aligned with earth's magnetic field http://sploid.gizmo...ic-field-1493113473
Could this be a back door? [JesusHChrist, Jan 02 2014]

golden poop http://dreamdogsart...3fd0a50e2970b-600wi
[Voice, Jul 16 2015]

crapalatte crapalatte
[vfrackis, Jul 28 2015]


       oh . . . just dog-poop ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 22 2012

       //oh . . . just dog-poop ?// [marked-for-tagline] also my thoughts exactly.
DIYMatt, Oct 22 2012

       It would be a near-run thing between sputtering effects and freezing. I would like to volunteer to be absent at the initial tests.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

       Never volunteer for ANYTHING.
pocmloc, Oct 22 2012

       Thing is, you'd wind up with a poop which consisted of a hard shell, effectively welded to the pavement; containing a still-soft centre.   

       In picking this up, you would try to provide enough force to break it away from the pavement. Instead, though, you would just break through the shell, splattering the contents.   

       Even if you did manage to pick up the outer shell, the soft contents would remain behind.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2012

       Instead of picking up poop why not carry a package of wildflower seeds to sprinkle and beautify your community.
rcarty, Oct 24 2012

       ...so somebody else will pick it up for you?
Alterother, Oct 24 2012

       Agreed, but sadly there are places in the USA where the common sense level drops from the national average of 'very little' to somewhere just below 'none whatsoever', and in these places the local establishment has been forced to instite actual laws concerning the proper placement and handling of dog excrement. Worse yet, people who are somehow incapable of understanding that part of the responsibility of dog ownership is making sure it doesn't dook on the sidewalk, forcing municipalities to devote public resources to enforcing these laws.
Alterother, Oct 25 2012

       Much agreed on both counts.
Alterother, Oct 25 2012

       That would be some dream!
pocmloc, Oct 25 2012

       Stop eating canarischnitzel at bedtime, [bell]. Maybe change your reading material as well.
Alterother, Oct 25 2012

       There was something in New Scientist recently about bacteria that produce carbonate that can weld sand grains together into bricks.   

       Maybe we should work on finding a bacterium that can vitrify dog poop.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2012

       Before or after the dog excretes it ?   

       Ooooh ... could there be a version for cats ?
8th of 7, Oct 25 2012

       [8th] you are a terrible person.
Voice, Oct 25 2012

       // you are a terrible person //   

       And you are a silver-tongued charmer ...   

       // reshape it first into say a letter opener ? Or ashtray, or decorative paperweight ? //   

       ... or put an "i" in front of the name and charge five times what it's worth ... ?
8th of 7, Oct 25 2012

       Cow poop is $470 per ton. I would venture a guess that dog poop can be hauled from a kennel free but the cost for someone to do so would be considerably higher. Let's pull the number $1,000 per short ton from whence fertilizer comes. If an average dog poop is 2/5 of a pound it will cost you .4/2000 .0002 tons times a thousand dollars, or 20 cents per poop. Color it gold and your ipoop is worth a round dollar.
Voice, Dec 26 2013

       <linky> and, I like any idea that rids the lawn of little brown cigar-like ornaments (and cats, but I will remain resolutely digression-free for the moment). Another idea could be to gather them up, incinerate them, gather the ashes, subject them to tremendous heat and pressure, fashion diamonds out of them, sell them in France as a new high-end line of fashion jewelry and accessories.   

       Oh, and [+].
Grogster, Dec 28 2013

       [Jesus....] if there is any truth in that link, then we are in for a polar inversion. You know... Where the poles switch and humanity as we know it dies out. My dogs crap in every direction imaginable. It is just not possible that it is aligned to anything, and if it is, then by Jupiter, we are doomed.   

       I swear, one of them nearly crapped in the complex plane. It was that close, I am almost sure I didn't imagine it. If anything, dogs crap from at least four dimensions, (possibly the ten alluded to in string theory) on a two dimensional surface that is the projection of four dimensions on the surface of a sphere as per the holographic principle...and that is all I have to say about that.
4whom, Jan 02 2014

       In other news dogs tend to keep their eyes out of the sun when pooping.
Voice, Jan 03 2014

       //4// I am sorry for your dogs. Mental illness runs in my family and as a result the pets have always been eager to get the hell out -- my dog when I was a kid would always shake, like she didn't have a family, and ran away twice, the first time to the top of the nearest hill where she waited at the top of the hill shaking all day, I guess the instinct was to find where the water was for navigation -- away from home, and the second time we found her in a green house of the local cathedral, next to the medicinal plants. That dog also always used to spin around 7 or 8 times before crapping, I assume now, getting her magnetic berrings.
JesusHChrist, Jan 03 2014

       crapalatte is not an irresponsible concept   

       its environmental as it acellerates the breakdown of semi- solid waste into a froth that may be readily washed away by precipitation. crapalatte alters the production process of said semi-solid waste adding an additional reprocessing for disposal stage or an "Entertainment" stage. The Entertainment stage causes passers by and the owner to pay more attention to the entire natural process. How is that irresponsible?
vfrackis, Jul 28 2015


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