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Stealth shoe soles

Shoe poo splat rebound deflection
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--Nowadays the bottoms of shoes are not only not flat, they resemble the knobbiest of tires! Trouble is they tend to have lots of right angles. When one steps in a pile of dog poo, then reaches for the hose to get it off, the water tends to make a U-turn in the shoe's complex geometry, then shoot back and hit the squirter in the face. Soooo howzabout redesigning shoe sole protrusions eliminating the right angles? Stealth vehicles use this principle to deflect radar beams. By using similar geometric deviations on a shoe sole a stream of water and goo will tend to shoot somewhere other than right back in one's face/hand, etc.
Steamboat, Nov 04 2005


       An anti-poo & goo shoe. The marketing practically writes itself.
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       An alternative would be to make the treads retractable for easy hosing.
Adze, Nov 05 2005

       [adze] What if some poo got stuck in the mechanism? Could lead to mysterious odours with no apparent source.   

       Why did I think that this was going to be about spy shoes which mask the footsteps of even the most lumbering, flat-footed sleuth?
Salmon Of Doubt, Nov 06 2005

       Maybe a tough outer membrane, like those keyboard covers?
Adze, Nov 06 2005

       Moccasins. I love'em. I hate when I can't hear the footsteps of others indicating their nearness to me.   

       Moccasins are the original stealth footware. If you need to buy some & can't, I recommend looking up the people who make them properly ... Either addresses in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, or Ohio.
Zimmy, Nov 06 2005

       True stealth shoes should avoid the poo altogether.   

       I don't want treads on my shoes, but performance slicks that mould themselves to grip any surface I'm walking on with tiny microscopic, gecko-like protusions.   

       But these slealth anti-splashback shoes sound like a great solution for those inevitable shoe-poo-goo-eww situations
zen_tom, Nov 06 2005


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