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Pop Up TV

Find info ,stats, and buy while watching TV
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I'm sure someone is thinking about this idea at Microsoft, but let me put in my two cents in the arena.

My idea is to create a personal experience media player that allow viewers to find out info, stats, about anything they see, and also purchase the products they see on television.

The player will have features similiar to Tivo and AOLTV., but will have the Pop up feature. The Pop Up feature will be similiar to the pop up info on the VH1 show.

How this will work:

SPORTS: Users will be watching a program like a Basketball game. They be watching a Laker game and see Shaq playing. A user can use the mouse over Shaq and he will be highlited. When the user click him, they will find real time stats on his performance, and info about the season, career, etc. Also users and purchase a Shaq jersey or his shoes, movies, and album also from different online shops.

MOVIES/TV: Users watching a movie ot tv program can find out info about certain actors, locations ,and products with this device. for example... Tom Hanks driving a Jeep Liberty The user can find out info on Tom Hanks, and buy his movies, also can find info on Liberty and purchase one online.

OTHERS: This can be used for music videos, news programs, special programs, etc. This will be really cool for items ane people you see that you may not know the name, but want to know about.

adp9, Aug 06 2001

State-of-the-Union Address Pop-Ups http://www.halfbake...20Address_20Pop-Ups
Another application of the VH1 idea. [jutta, Aug 06 2001]


       There would probably need to be information of a clickable image-map kind of nature encoded along with each frame of the broadcast. Either that or very sophisticated software that could scan the image for edges, pick out individual objects and match them visually against a database of everything. Both options sound rather difficult to pull off. The first one sounds a bit more doable, and would probably eliminate unemployment with the amount of work it would take to code every frame of everything that was to be broadcast.
PotatoStew, Aug 06 2001

       This is probably inevitable.
EvoketheTiger, Aug 06 2001

       [admin: refiled from "experience media", which it has nothing to do with.]   

       This is called "interactive television" and has been discussed for 15 years at least.
jutta, Aug 06 2001


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