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Timed TV

Television on a circular track
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My son is always asking to watch a certain show. No matter if I told him that it will come on in an hour, half an hour, right after the show I am watch or whatever.

So what if the TV could be placed on a circular track in the middle of a room and rotate around it according to the hour. All the seating would have to be on a rotating platform (i.e. Laz-e-Susan) in the middle of the track if you wanted to be able to see it. This way I could tell him that his show will be on when the TV is in this corner of the room or next to this picture or whatever.
barnzenen, May 02 2002

1/3 mile clock http://www.halfbake...de_20garden_20clock
partial inspiration [barnzenen, May 02 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Not lately. He's about to turn 3 this month. What in the world made you think that? I'm just barely legal myself.
barnzenen, May 02 2002

How about a small clock and whiteboard combination? You could post the times of the child's shows on the whiteboard along with a drawing or Colorform sticky. That way the child can check the whiteboard, verify it against the clock and know if the show is coming on soon.
I'm also thinking this might work better with an analog face instead of a digital one.
phoenix, May 02 2002

       I like this because it would force homes across the country to communistically have the same size and shape of front room.
[ sctld ], May 02 2002

       I was also thinking that you could somehow time it so the glare wouldn't be a problem. If this were to be, I guess it would have to be on 24hr time.   

       Bliss, I was a early/fast learner of the joys of parenthood. I was 21 when first blessed with a child and now have increased the ranks to 3. Wife was lucky enough to only have to deal with 2 pregnancies though.
barnzenen, May 02 2002


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