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TV Clicker

A device that connects to your TV that allow you to find out more about a person or object in a movie, show, etc.
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What if you can double click on pics, words, etc and found out more information about it, like you would do on a computer on your television? Example, Your watching a movie and see a hotel in the background, but you don't recognize it, with this device you can double click the hotel while the movie playing and found out the hotels name and info about it. The device would be hooked up to the internet via telephone, cable, etc. and you can go to links about that hotel on internet, hey you can even purchase a room if you want. While watching the movie.This would be huge for companies to promote their products. This is similiar to webTV and aolTV with a new twist.
adp, Feb 13 2001


       Similar to "Actors name subtitles" in this same category, just expands the information available. It would possibly, in this incarnation, be more viable in that businesses could subsidize the technology in hopes of more advertisement for their businesses.
Susen, Feb 13 2001


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