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TV Feedback

Using powerlines to do so
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Please be gentle wth me - I'm an electronic ignoramus, but, after a lengthy search, I found seven baked uses only, listed for communicating via powerlines.

The seven uses didn't include my favourite possibility - each viewer having a 'remote with a vote' via each set's powerline.

If technically feasible, the impact on society would have to be immense, [good, bad, and indifferent], given the universality of tv.

Surely somewhere, someone is baking this idea. If not, why not.

rayfo, Oct 22 2000


       I can't support application-specific infrastructure.   

       If you want to use the power lines for communication, fine; run IP over the grid, and then (if you like) transmit TV votes over that network (or any other network).   

       Don't link the two, or else we'll end up with yet more special-purpose wires and "integration" hassles.
egnor, Oct 22 2000

       Thanks. I understand, sort of. There's this row of doors. There's tiger behind each door, differing from the others only by the pattern of its stripes.   

       I'm backing out before I get eaten.   

       Will that Time Domain technology starve the tigers anyway?
rayfo, Oct 23 2000

       There is only one Tyger...
egnor, Oct 23 2000

       There is only one Tyger...
egnor, Oct 23 2000


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