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porn karaoke

porn discs for a karaoke machine
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moan and groan along to a porn scene with the voices edited out
bakabon38, Apr 11 2005

Definitely baked http://www.guardian...604,1366188,00.html
And they call it Pornaoke [keith_s, Apr 12 2005]


       I think you might have a bit too much free time [bakabon]
hidden truths, Apr 11 2005

       Hey, just add a pressure sensitive LED pad a la twister and learn the moves too, like those dancing games.
daseva, Apr 11 2005

       Heheh. This is much better as a purely aural exercise. I like the notion of a glassy eyed spod sitting on his couch, a tray of nachos resting on his belly which spreads before him, while he groans listlessly but perfectly in time with "Anal Escapades #24".
calum, Apr 11 2005

       There was an Almodovar film (I think it was "What Have I Done To Deserve This?") that opened with a respectable trio of well dressed actors overdubbing the sound to a porn film. Considering how much that made me laugh at the time, I'll have to bun this.
wagster, Apr 11 2005

       I like this. Shades of Rocky Horror. Nice first effort, [bakabon38].
bungston, Apr 11 2005

       [Bantu love cry] " Polish my lip saucer, baby ! "
normzone, Apr 11 2005

       Why are you dragging [po] into this?
hidden truths, Apr 11 2005

       product name: aural sex... or perhaps pornoke
bakabon38, Apr 12 2005

       Aural sex: just sing into my big microphone, baby, and I'll listen.
Ling, Apr 12 2005

       Its karao-o-o-o-ke night at the bar. Lets go.
ORISIS, Apr 12 2005

       I haven't been (yet) but there's a club in my city that already does this (see link). Still, gets my bun.
keith_s, Apr 12 2005


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